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Posts by Abigail Harris

The Yogurt Controversy: Are the Health Benefits Real?

This is an entire blog dedicated to America’s trendiest dairy product. You’re welcome   Yogurt: flavorful, portable, and all the rage in the health food world. Kind of. Lately, yogurt’s credibility is being debated by nutritionists and health experts alike. Some people want to crown it as an over-hyped food while others are saying it’s…

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Is Your Body Actually Absorbing Vitamins?

Sorting through the “junk-mail” equivalents of the wellness world. You decide it’s time to up your wellness game, so you finally invest in vitamins and supplements. Your routine is set, you’ve been taking the ones shaped like little fruits, but you don’t really feel any different. This is disappointing because those bottles are actually pretty…

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What’s Causing my Chronic Joint Pain?

As if being a woman wasn’t complicated enough- we are more often affected by rheumatic diseases than men. These diseases include the likes of osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and lupus. They affect your bones, muscles, joint tendons, and ligaments causing swelling, pain, stiffness, and a loss of motion (1).   Why are women more susceptible to…

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Problem Acne & PCOS

Acne is a super common result of hormonal imbalances, so it’s not a surprise that it can be an aggravating side effect of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). What’s PCOS, you ask? It’s characterized by the overproduction of male hormones (androgens) like testosterone, and the failure to regularly release eggs. Irregular periods are a common sign…

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Antioxidants: Why You Need Them

Antioxidants! Free radicals!   We hear about these everywhere, but I think I can speak on behalf of most of the population when saying I wouldn’t have any idea of how to actually define them. Usually we think on this level: antioxidants= good, free radicals= danger zone. Luckily, we’re going to break this all down.…

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Cannabis Craze: Can CBD Help With Period Cramps?

Cannabis has long been considered a controversial drug- categorized as Schedule I by the DEA with the likes of heroin and Quaaludes (remember that scene from Wolf of Wall Street?) Regardless of its reputation, it has become increasingly more popular in the medical world for treating pain, anxiety, and inflammation (1,2). CBD (cannabidiol) is all…

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Low Sex Drive? It Could Be Your Hormones

In the past we’ve written about your hormonal cycle week by week- now, we’re going to mix it up a bit. Sex drive is majorly impacted by hormone levels in your body, but the question remains: how do the two correlate?   Scientists at UC Santa Barbara discovered a relationship between estrogen and progesterone levels…

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What Your Poop is Telling You

Time to get the scoop on your poop. Is discussing bowel movements considered NSFW? Not here at BINTO! Your stool color and texture is a huge signifier of your digestive health. BINTO is all about having a healthy gut- hence why we only allow health professionals and scientists to develop our products- including our probiotic…

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Is This What Early Menopause Looks Like?

Try BINTO fertility supplements (like CoQ1o) to support ovulation and egg quality. Premature menopause can happen at any point in a woman’s life- whether she has a family or hasn’t even started thinking about having kids. This condition, also called Premature Ovarian Failure (POF), impacts 1 in every 100 women between the ages of 30-39…

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