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What Does “Percent Daily Value” Actually Mean?

You see nutrition labels everywhere — from the wrappers of snack bars to supplements like Binto. You already know what the number of calories, as well as grams of fat, carbs, and protein mean. But what about those daily value percentages next to certain nutrients? Or recommended dietary allowances? We break down which numbers you…

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Here’s What Makes Binto the Best Vitamins for Women

What Makes Binto the Best Vitamins for Women

You might have heard that you should obtain nutrients by eating “real” foods, rather than taking vitamins or supplements. While that may be true for certain nutrients, not all of your nutrition needs can be met simply by eating fruits and veggies. That’s where Binto comes in. Our licensed health professionals have created the best…

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Vitamin D, D2, and D3: What’s the Difference?

Vitamin D Blog

Ever justified spending an hour in the sun as a necessary way to “get some vitamin D”? (Been there, done that!) Turns out, that’s not a myth; sunshine is a great source of this nutrient. When exposed to sunlight, you skin actually does make vitamin D — well, at least one type. “Vitamin D” actually…

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Are Personalized Vitamins Better Than Buying at CVS?

We’ve all been there: standing in the drugstore aisle, staring at rows upon rows of vitamins and supplements. Which ones do I really need? Will a multivitamin take care of everything? Where should I even begin?!  That’s where personalized vitamins come in. Recently, companies like Binto have begun to sell personalized vitamins for a range of…

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Birth Control “Cleanses:” Beneficial or Bogus?

More and more women are opting off the pill. One survey found that 70% of women who’ve taken birth control reported they’ve stopped taking it, or have thought about going off it in the past three years. (There are both pros and cons to the pill, which we go deeper into here.) If you’re one of…

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Folate vs. Folic Acid: What’s the Difference?

Folate vs. Folic Acid

Many people (even health professionals!) tend to use “folate” and “folic acid” as interchangeable terms. However, they’re two different types of nutrients altogether. And consuming too much of the fortified kind could have unintended and potentially harmful side effects. Folate and folic acid are two different forms of vitamin B9. Folate is the naturally occurring…

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8 Major Postpartum Changes New Moms Can Expect

Postpartum changes

Bringing a baby into the world is no small feat. While it’s easy to find endless information about getting pregnant and childbirth, what to expect after having your baby tends to be less discussed. Here at Binto, we believe the postpartum experience is just as important as — if not even more important than —…

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How Does Stress Affect Your Fertility?

Stress and Fertility

Stress comes in many forms. A fight with a family member. Looming deadlines at work. An unfair boss. Financial worries. You probably already know how stress can affect you physically. For example, maybe you tend to over-eat when stressed; or perhaps you don’t eat at all. But there’s another sneaky side effect of stress on…

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