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Posts by Suzie Welsh

The Medicine Cabinet Series: Frances from New York, NY

What does your daily wellness routine look like?    This mama bear absolutely must eat breakfast and have coffee (preferably with coconut or MCT oil & Collagen peptides) to kickstart my day. My adorable tiny dictators can be quite demanding in the early hours of the morning so that’s pretty essential for me. Ideally, somewhere…

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STIs: Talking With Your Partner

  4 things to keep in mind when talking to your partner about STIs In the life of a romantic relationship, there are many important conversations to be had. What do you need to feel safe and supported within a partnership? What does great sex mean to each of you? How do you feel about…

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Thyroid Disease in Pregnancy

  A well functioning thyroid is essential for not only a successful pregnancy, but a healthy postpartum period for you and your baby.  The thyroid is a small, butterfly-shaped gland found in the neck at the side of the throat. Essentially, it’s a powerhouse when it comes to regulating your metabolism and your hormones, so…

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Healthy Periods | Guide to a healthy normal period

  From the middle school days to our late 30’s our periods come, on average, once a month, and they’re often unwelcome. Mood swings, hot flashes, period poops, blood, cramping, and a few headaches later, it’s no wonder why the majority of menstruating women hate their periods. But, what if someone told you that you…

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Mother’s Day: A Discussion of Life and Motherhood.

  Our Founder, Suzie, Sits down with her mom to discuss life and motherhood.    I grew up in the western suburbs of Philadephia with my older sister, Lizzie and both of my parents. My childhood memories are full of joy, comfort, and of course my mom! She taught me countless life lessons growing up,…

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Hormones & Birth: How Women’s Bodies are Built to Withstand Labor

How much will the contractions hurt? How can I possibly push an eight-pound baby out of my vagina? If you’re pregnant for the first time and nearing your due date, these are totally natural anxieties and questions about birth. Other friends and relatives who have gone through labor, though well-intentioned, can often amplify these fears…

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Familial Breast Cancer and Genetic Testing

We value women’s health and quality life at all ages. Take back your femininity with our line of BINTO probiotics and supplements, all of which are customizable for every woman at any stage in life.  According to current data, approximately 1 in 8 women living in the United States will develop invasive breast cancer. This is…

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Menopause, Sexual Intimacy, and Your Marriage

A BINTO Q&A with Clinical Sexologist Dr. Kelley Johnson Though menopause is a natural biological process, the side effects—like hot flashes and vaginal dryness—may feel anything but natural. But while many automatically associate menopause with these physical symptoms, the emotional and interpersonal challenges often get brushed aside. For example, menopause (and aging in general) can…

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The Maternity Diet: Know Your Foods & Supplements

Prenatal Vitamins Prenatal vitamins are vital throughout your pregnancy. These supplements fill in the nutritional gaps during your maternity diet. BINTO’s prenatal contains all the major vitamins and minerals necessary for a healthy pregnancy, and it is approved by a panel of doctors, as well as Nurse Suzie. Ginger & Peppermint: Soothe nausea and upset…

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Recurrent Miscarriages: Causes, Tests, and Solutions

Miscarriage can be a difficult experience both physically and emotionally. A small percentage of women (usually only 1%), will have two or more miscarriages in their lifetime. This is referred to as repeated pregnancy loss or recurrent miscarriages. Building a Healthy Foundation for Pregnancy Prenatal vitamins are essential to a healthy pregnancy. BINTO’s prenatal is…

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