Top Vitamin Deficiencies to Test For


Your body requires a consistent supply of essential vitamins and minerals for optimal function and overall wellbeing. Although you’re sure to find numerous sources suggesting you’ll get all the nutrients necessary for physical, mental, and emotional health by sticking with a nutritious, well-balanced diet, current investigations suggest an alarming number of women have statistically significant vitamin deficiencies…

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LGBTQ+ Family Planning Opportunities Abound In 2022


Members of the LGBTQ+ population have always been given the runaround when it comes to the creation of their families. Almost one-third of the gay community lives under the poverty line and caring for a child is expensive. But, for the LGBTQ+ population, simply acquiring their own child can be even more expensive, and even more difficult, than it…

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What are an LGBTQ+ Couple’s Options for Having a Baby?


Modern parenting can be pretty demanding, with the cost of raising a kid skyrocketing exponentially. You must meet various costs for your child, which can be almost impractical to achieve. For the LGBTQ+ community, the cost of raising one kid is tremendously high as they need to bring a child into the family through assisted…

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Common Vitamin Deficiencies You Should Test For


A balanced diet is the key to good health. A balanced diet includes all the vitamins, minerals, and other substances your body needs to function correctly. Nutritional deficiency occurs when you don’t get enough of these nutrients from your diet. This can be caused by eating an unbalanced diet or not eating enough food from…

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Why You Should Avoid These 9 TikTok Health Trends


Today, TikTok’s popularity continues to rise, especially among young people and adolescents. The social media giant enables people to showcase their creativity regardless of their age, gender, or background and has even pledged a $250 million kitty to global establishments that support education, healthcare, and social work. TikTok’s support of creative content has turned it into an…

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6ABC Features an Intriguing Story of a Nurse Who Helps Women Struggling With Infertility Through Binto


In light of National Infertility Awareness Week, April 24-30, 2022, 6ABC talked to nurse Suzie and her patients and the clients of Binto. Nurse Suzie Devine revealed her first encounter with infertility when she traveled to Africa at a younger age. From that experience, she was stirred to grow into a women’s health nurse. And this landed her at…

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Is “Estrogen Dominance” Really a Thing?


We keep hearing “estrogen dominance” as a vilified term but is it really “bad”? To better answer this question, we need to understand exactly what estrogen dominance is. This is a condition that occurs when the estrogen level is relatively higher than that of progesterone. High estrogen levels can develop naturally, but too much of…

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Examining the Gut-Brain Connection for Better Health


Scientists have been studying the brain for centuries, evolving our understanding of its function and capabilities. But even with this extensive research into the brain, there is still much that we do not know about how it works. Yet discoveries continue to be made in brain research, including its connection to other organs and systems…

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Most Common Hormone Imbalances and What to Do About Them

Multi-ethnic group of women of different ages posing against brown background looking at the camera.

Hormones are like the speed limit signs on the highway of our bodies. They tell our cells how fast or slow to go. A hormonal imbalance is a change in the levels of hormones in the bloodstream. When an endocrine gland is not working correctly, there are hormonal shifts throughout the body. Hormonal imbalances can cause various…

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