What Is Lightning Crotch Pain, and How Do I Deal With It?

unidentifiable pregnant woman having lightning crotch pain

Lightning crotch is the colloquial term for sharp pain in the pelvic area during pregnancy. Usually, the sharp electric shock sensation is not life-threatening or a sign of impending labor. While it’s generally harmless, the pain is very real. Luckily, there are a few effective lightning crotch pain remedies for moms who have been there.…

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Menopause Symptoms: When Should I Expect Them?

Happy Black woman of perimenopausal age sitting at home

Menopause is a natural part of every woman’s life. In the U.S.A, the average age for menopause is 52. Thankfully, it doesn’t happen suddenly, so you have time to prepare. While many unpleasant myths surround this condition, it’s just another stage of adulthood. Knowing what to expect can help you spot the signs early and start…

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5 Powerful Inositol Benefits for Women’s Health

Happy black woman taking a supplement drink at home

Inositol is a naturally occurring substance found in many plants and animals. Although it’s similar in structure to a glucose molecule, it’s is more of a vitamin than a sugar. Many fiber-rich foods, including corn, brown rice, wheat bran, and beans, contain inositol. Some fruits, such as cantaloupe and citrus fruits are also rich in…

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First Trimester Miscarriage: Causes, Treatment, and Recovery

woman after first trimester miscarriage being comforted by her husband

First trimester miscarriages often occur at six weeks. However, this is usually around the time most women discover they are expecting, while some still have no idea. That makes it more difficult to prevent a miscarriage. Here’s what you need to know about pregnancy loss at six weeks of pregnancy or after. Why do most…

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Zinc Deficiency and Immunity: What You Need to Know

african-american woman making a healthy smoothie

You work hard to keep yourself healthy. Proper exercise and a healthy diet are important parts of a healthy lifestyle. However, everyone is different with varying immune systems and metabolisms. It can be hard to know exactly what you need to do and eat to remain healthy. There are so many vitamins and minerals that…

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What Is Postpartum Depletion, and How Do You Recover?

Mom with postpartum depletion cradling her newborn baby

Bringing a newborn to the world can be exciting! Waking up every day to the beautiful infectious smile of your baby is an unexplainable feeling for many mothers. Nonetheless, being a new mother comes with a frustrating dark side.  Occasionally, you’ll feel worn out, as if you have no energy. This weighs you down, causes…

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The Thyroid Series: Potential Thyroid Problems During Perimenopause

three middle-aged women laughing together outdoors

​​As a woman ages, it is common for them to start experiencing some unpleasant symptoms that can affect their lives. However, even though most women attribute these problems to menopause, it is not the only cause of these unwanted issues. In fact, an underactive or overactive thyroid gland may also be to blame. To better help…

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The Thyroid Series: What to Expect After the Delivery


For the first few weeks postpartum, new mothers exist in a fog of euphoria and exhaustion. But what happens to women when the euphoria wears off, but the exhaustion remains? Is that just the “baby blues” or is something else at play? Postpartum depression is a real thing that affects thousands of women every year,…

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Is Hormonal or Non-Hormonal Birth Control Right for You?

Two women smiling at each other in front of a turquoise background, one woman holding hormonal birth control pills and the other holding non-hormonal birth control female condom.

As technology advances, there is an increased number of birth control options available. In general, these options fall into two basic categories: hormonal and non-hormonal birth control. Some birth control methods use hormones as a very effective contraceptive method. However, some believe that birth control without hormones may be safer. In this guide, we will…

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