Is Hormonal or Non-Hormonal Birth Control Right for You?

Two women smiling at each other in front of a turquoise background, one woman holding hormonal birth control pills and the other holding non-hormonal birth control female condom.

As technology advances, there is an increased number of birth control options available. In general, these options fall into two basic categories: hormonal and non-hormonal birth control. Some birth control methods use hormones as a very effective contraceptive method. However, some believe that birth control without hormones may be safer. In this guide, we will…

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How to Stop Hormonal Headaches with Natural Vitamins

A young, professional woman sitting at a desk in a sunny office and holding the bridge of her nose with one hand to relieve hormonal headache pain.

The right balance of hormones dictates a person’s quality of life. As soon as something is off, you can experience all types of symptoms with different intensities. Even a slight change in estrogen or progesterone levels could cause a headache. In the United States, headaches result in 112 million sick days annually. Women tend to suffer from headaches…

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Baby Blues vs Postpartum Depression: Understanding the Difference

A woman holding an infant in a blue onesie against her chest.

When a baby is born, a woman’s entire life can turn upside down. While having a baby is wonderful, changes women face after giving birth aren’t always exciting. This includes mood changes that can rise to the level of postpartum depression. Heavy hormonal fluctuations, new responsibilities, lack of sleep, and many other factors contribute to…

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A Helpful Guide to Taking Ubiquinone and Ubiquinol : The Difference Explained

A woman holding a liquid capsule supplement and smiling.

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is a natural enzyme and antioxidant found inside all of your cells, primarily in your “powerhouse” mitochondria. This potent nutrient is used widely as a wellness supplement because of its ability to assist with numerous health conditions, including heart disease, diabetes, infertility, migraines, and certain types of cancer and autoimmune disease. The two…

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Folate vs. Folic Acid for Pregnancy: What’s the Difference?

A pregnant woman sitting cross-legged on a bed while holding a supplement pill and a glass of water.

Good nutrition is essential for everyone, but it is particularly important for pregnant women. This is because the baby in development needs all the nutrients its body requires to grow. One question you may have is that of folate vs. folic acid; what’s the difference, how does vitamin B9 relate, and which one is good…

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The Best Guide for Calcium During Pregnancy

A close-up of a pregnant woman's stomach and her hands holding a pill and a glass of water to take calcium during pregnancy.

If you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant, it’s more important than ever to take care of your body. One of the most important things you can do is nourish yourself with the proper vitamins and minerals. It’s vital to remember that the nutritional needs of pregnant women are different from non-pregnant women. Calcium…

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How to Clear Brain Fog in 3 Simple Steps

A young woman wearing a light pink hijab and pink blouse resting her chin on her hand while working at a computer

Brain fog or mental fog affects the best of us. It is the inability to have a sharp memory or to lack strong focus. While it might not be a medical condition, its symptoms can have grave consequences on your wellbeing. As a consequence of brain fog, your ability to think is significantly impaired, and…

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What Every Woman Should Know About Endometritis (NOT Endometriosis)


Did you know that around 10% of women worldwide are affected by endometritis? Though it is quite common for people to mistake this condition for endometriosis because they both affect the uterus, they are very different. Read on to know more about endometritis, its causes, diagnosis, symptoms, and risk factors. What is Endometritis? Not to be mistaken for endometriosis,…

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