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Pregnancy planning: The top 5 Steps in Planning for Pregnancy.

By Suzie Welsh | Nov 9, 2017

You and your partner are thinking about having a baby. What an exciting time! With this excitement can come some stress about what to do to ensure optimal conception. There are many things you can do and discussions you can have to make sure you are prepared. We have narrowed down the top 5 things…

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Surprising Facts About Sperm

By Suzie Welsh | Oct 31, 2017

Although we at BINTO are all about women’s health, men play a major part in reproduction. Duh! We need sperm to fertilize an egg to create an embryo. That embryo will implant and become a fetus. However, there’s a lot more to sperm than just fertilizing an egg. Check out these interesting facts about sperm…

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Understanding PAP Smear Testing

By Suzie Welsh | Oct 24, 2017

A pap smear, also called a pap test, is something that every woman needs to get. That’s because it is a way to check for signs of cancerous cells or ones that may be cancerous in the future. A pap smear allows for your doctor to look at the tissue and cells in your cervix…

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Yoga for Daily Stress Relief

By Suzie Welsh | Oct 11, 2017

Today’s world is a crazy one. Early mornings, traffic jams, working lunches and late nights. These are just a few of the day-to-day occurrences that lead to our ever increasing stress. Currently, women in the U.S. report higher levels of stress as compared or men. Women are also more likely to report feeling emotional and…

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Tampon Myths: What you really need to know about tampons.

By Suzie Welsh | Oct 9, 2017

We are constantly hearing fears and thoughts about tampons. Since the average women will use 9,200 tampons in her life, we decided to help you bust these myths. Let’s learn why many of the things you hear about tampons are false, and why one is overwhelmingly true.   Tampons can get lost inside of you…

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Mammograms In Review

By Suzie Welsh | Oct 9, 2017

A mammogram is a simple way to test for breast cancer in women. It’s recommended that all women over 50 get checked once every two years (1). Additionally, women at risk or have a family history of breast cancer are recommended to start this bi-annual check earlier in life. While mammograms are recommended for all…

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How Caffeine Affects Every Cycle of Your Life

By Kate Wahl | Sep 22, 2017

Every morning, you wake up and get your hot cup of coffee. Then, you drink more coffee throughout your day at work. Or, you love sipping on a caffeinated soda. If you are a heavy caffeine drinker, you might want to reconsider your intake. We wanted to share with you how caffeine affects every cycle…

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Progesterone’s Impact on Fertility and Pregnancy

By Suzie Welsh | Sep 20, 2017

Progesterone is one of the female sex hormones that is released by the ovaries. The part of the ovary that crates progesterone is called the corpus luteum. It plays a part in many of our bodies functions and affects different cycles of our lives. Let’s look at how progesterone plays a role in your menstrual…

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Endometriosis Explained | What is means for your fertility

By Suzie Welsh | Sep 14, 2017

Every day, we hear from women who are suffering from endometriosis. Since it affects 1 in 10 women in their reproductive years, we figured we should spread some knowledge about what it is (1). Additionally, we want to share how it affects different parts are your life and what steps you can take with your…

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Intrauterine Insemination: An overview of the procedure and what to expect.

By Suzie Welsh | Sep 12, 2017

Whether you’re just embarking on your “fertility journey” or you’ve been trecking it for some time, you’ve likely heard of the term “IUI.” This procedure is also known to some as the “turkey baster” method.   IUI is short for Intrauterine Insemination. An IUI is a fertility procedure where you bypass the cervix and get…

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