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September Event Series!

Check out our IG live events for sexual health awareness month!

IG Live Event Graphic Sex & Relationships

Join us for this live conversation and Q&A on how sex and relationships are altered by a pandemic, with our founder Suzie Devine and  Laura Brown, Marriage and Family Therapist with The Wellness Collective.

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Fertility During COVID-19

Tune in on IG live @ 7PM est 9/21

Fertility in the age of COVID-19 is overwhelming. Should you try or should you wait? What's safe? During this live event our founder, Suzie, joins Dr. Allison Bloom, OBGYN and REI physician to talk about your fertility questions and break down the myths and truths of fertility during COVID-19.

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Pregnancy and Postpartum During COVID-19

Tune in on IG live @ 7PM EST 9/23

Learn about pregnancy and postpartum health with a doula, Latina Baxter, the founder of Marley and Moo Maternity, and The Motherhood Center. We'll cover race and how that impacts prenatal care during a pandemic and much more in this live event! 

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Finding Your Synergy During COVID-19

Tune in on IG live @ 7PM EST 9/29

We sit down with women in the wellness community to talk about finding your daily synergy - diet, lifestyle, environment and more! - so you can find your path to wellness during this pandemic.

Past Events:

September 9, 2020 Event

What the Hell is Happening Right now?

Our founder, Suzie, joins board-certified OBGYN and REI physician Jessica Chan, and hormone health expert Kim Bilyk, founder or Amala Living, to discuss the myths and truths about women's health during COVID, answer your period and hormone questions and talk about preventative health measures.