Feel like yourself again.

You’re navigating one of the biggest physiologic changes of your life, so let’s take one thing off your mind. Safe, effective supplements to support your menopause needs without the guesswork.

Personalized for your
menopause symptoms.

Our supplements are formulated based on the latest clinical research in women’s health and made by licensed women’s healthcare providers. Ingredients include DHA for brain health, iron-free multivitamins, herbal-based blends to support hot flashes and night sweats, and probiotics to support a healthy gut and metabolism.

Binto women speak:


“I just love how convenient these are! I pop one in my lunch box everyday and I never forget to take them with my first meal of the day. This saves on having to store all those bottles of supplements in my cabinet.”



“I found I have more energy using Binto. I take 5 vitamins, it feels like a snack and helps me down 24 ounces of water. Energy is up, hair is shiny and my skin is glowing and my intestines are feeling good. I am glad I found Binto.”



“Using Binto has taken the worry off my plate knowing I am receiving the necessary vitamins my body needs and not worrying about running out! It’s important to take care of our health and it couldn’t be easier now.”


Menopause Essentials

Get back to your old self with our products made to support menopause symptoms
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Menopause Essentials

Get back to your old self with our products made to support menopause symptoms
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for overall support

Menopause Relief Kit


for gut health

Reset Probiotic


The Synbiotic

Our gut health is the center of our body’s well-being. Probiotics are good strains of bacteria that play a role in everything from metabolism to mood to urinary health.


• Formulated with specific Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium strains to support female health
• Supports mood, skin health, digestion, and more
• Free of additives and fillers

The Women’s Complete

Most women find the physiological shift during menopause uncomfortable. You shouldn’t have to suffer! If hormone replacement therapy isn’t an option for you, supplements offer a healthy alternative to provide relief for your worst symptoms.


• Formulated without iron
• Includes Vitamin D3 and Calcium to support bone health
• Includes a proprietary blend using Ashwagandha and Curcumin for joint support and relief from stress and hot flashes

Algae Oil DHA/EPA Omega 3

Menopause and the loss of ovary function leads to a loss of hormones like estrogen, which in turn may cause inflammation. DHA helps fight inflammation in the body and is also critical for brain health, something that is especially important as we age.


• Sourced from algae in Canada
• Critical fatty acid for brain and joint health
• Fights inflammation
• No fishy burps

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