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Menopause support personalized for your body.

Individual daily supplement packets customized to meet your body's unique health needs, and no one else's!

Finally, natural, safe and effective relief from hot flashes! 

Just $35 a month, risk-free. 


Menopasue support for your whole body:



Menopause can drag you down. With BINTO, our custom formulated supplements can help you combat fatigue and feel your best. 


Gut Health

Beat the gut system slow down. We offer a range of probiotics to support your gut needs during, and after, menopause. Keep it moving! 


Hormones & Hot Flashes

Balance your hormones. During this shift, you may experience hot flashes. We use a blend of vitamins (B vitamins), minerals and superfoods (like cocoa and blueberry), to help ease these hot flashes. 


Whole Body

Support for your whole body! We help support your bones, joints, heart, vision and mental health with our supplements. 

Our reviews:

"Within two weeks of starting my BINTO packets, my nighttime hot flashes are so much better! Also, I've been very regular since starting. I love how they're packaged!"

Anne S., BINTO subscriber since 2017

Trusted & Tested Ingredients:


Vitamin D & Calcium

Support your bone health with Vitamin D3 and Calcium. We source ours from Europe! 


Pre & Probiotics

Good bacteria supports the health of your gut system. These probiotics not only help digestion, but support your mental health, too.  


The B Vitamins

Balance your hormones and feel energized! The B vitamins are critical in supporting women's overall health for energy and mood. 


Omega-3 DHA

We use a vegetarian omega-3 DHA at BINTO. This superpowered fat supports brain function, vision and helps improve joint pain and inflammation. 

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