Bun in the Oven, Now What? Binto's Prenatal Education Class

Course Information:

In this online prenatal education class, our team of women's and maternal health experts will guide you through what to expect in pregnancy and how to plan for delivery and postpartum.

What you get:

  1. A solid knowledge of pregnancy and planning for delivery
  2. Understand the trimesters, what to expect, the various prenatal in-patient appointments
  3. Prep for delivery and postpartum
  4. Learn diet tips, lifestyle tips and supplement tips and tips for how to engage with your partner

Class Details:

  1. Date and time: 5/19/20 @7PM EST
  2. 60-minute live class on Binto's digital platform
  3. Led by our director of telehealth, Andi Schmerin, PA-C and women's health specialist.
  4. $50/per person or couple 

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Andi Schmerin, PA-C and Director of Telehealth at Binto

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