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Fertility Assessments

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) In Review

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) In Review IVF — in vitro fertilization — is one of a number of methods used by physicians who specialize in assisted reproductive technology (ART) to help you conceive a child. It involves the surgical removal of eggs from your ovaries, fertilizing them with sperm in the lab and implanting the…

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The Environment and Your Fertility Status

Environmental Health: Home Prep and Healthy Habits 1. Eat Organic Less pesticide residue Avoid fast-food, junk food, highly processed food 2. Limit plastic in your food: Foods in constant contact with plastic can absorb plasticides that act as neuroendocrine disruptors in the fetus (impair the baby’s braindevelopment) Common sources: 5-gallon water jugs, Styrofoam, PVC Better…

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Sex Life and Infertility by Jena Booher of Babies on the Brain

  When a couple is experiencing infertility, sex can sometimes feel like a burden or a chore. Timing sexual intercourse at the right time of one’s menstrual cycle in hopes of achieving conception can be difficult. I mean how romantic is it when your partner calls you on the phone and yells, I am ovulating!…

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Nurse Suzie’s Tips for Surviving the IVF Two Week Wait

We know, those two weeks feel like a lifetime! You are scared, nervous, stressed and your mind is racing from one possible outcome to the next.  Consider this your guide to managing these two weeks post embryo transfer. As an IVF nurse I shared in these critical two weeks with many patients.  I received the…

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Tests and Factors That Determine Fertility in Men

Tests and Factors That Determine Fertility Age and environment factors play a role in male fertility. Sperm is affected by age, diet, and habits like smoking, steroid use and lack of sleep.   Congenital factors play a large role in the outcome of male fertility and normal sperm production   Talk to your physician about getting a physical…

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