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Psychology of reproductive health and infertility

Surrogate or Gestational Carrier? There’s a Difference

For months on end we saw the headlines: “Kim Kardashian Surrogate Makes Appearance” “Kardashian Surrogate Revealed” “Why Kim Used Surrogate for Baby No. 3” The problem? Media outlets needs to be very careful when using the term “surrogate.” I know what you’re thinking: does it really matter which word we use? In a legal context,…

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Recurrent Miscarriages: Causes, Tests, and Solutions

Miscarriage can be a difficult experience both physically and emotionally. A small percentage of women (usually only 1%), will have two or more miscarriages in their lifetime. This is referred to as repeated pregnancy loss or recurrent miscarriages. Building a Healthy Foundation for Pregnancy Prenatal vitamins are essential to a healthy pregnancy. BINTO’s prenatal is…

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Am I Pregnant or Not? Chemical & Molar Pregnancies

Like most things in the world, pregnancies can face complications. You may find yourself asking: Am I actually pregnant, or is this something else? We want you to know that if anything goes awry, you’re not alone.  Chemical Pregnancy Chemical pregnancies account for 50- 75% of all miscarriages- that includes natural conception and IVF (1).…

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