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What Your Poop is Telling You

Time to get the scoop on your poop. Is discussing bowel movements considered NSFW? Not here at BINTO! Your stool color and texture is a huge signifier of your digestive health. BINTO is all about having a healthy gut- hence why we only allow health professionals and scientists to develop our products- including our probiotic…

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Healthy Periods | Guide to a healthy normal period

  From the middle school days to our late 30’s our periods come, on average, once a month, and they’re often unwelcome. Mood swings, hot flashes, period poops, blood, cramping, and a few headaches later, it’s no wonder why the majority of menstruating women hate their periods. But, what if someone told you that you…

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Balancing Female Hormone Levels Naturally

Feeling imbalanced lately? BINTO’s supplements are designed to help your body effectively manage hormone levels. We’re all about healthy here- so our team of medical professionals makes sure our products are safe, non-GMO, organic, and manufactured in a green facility. Hormones: everybody’s got ‘em, but for women especially, it seems like they’re constantly fluctuating. As…

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Familial Breast Cancer and Genetic Testing

We value women’s health and quality life at all ages. Take back your femininity with our line of BINTO probiotics and supplements, all of which are customizable for every woman at any stage in life.  According to current data, approximately 1 in 8 women living in the United States will develop invasive breast cancer. This is…

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Birth Control Pills & IUDs: The History of Fighting for Femininity

Although International Women’s Day was a couple of weeks ago, we celebrate women every single day here at BINTO. Today, we want to commemorate those who paved the way for women to take back their bodies and their femininity through hormonal birth control.  The Pill Attempts at contraception have dated as far back as ancient…

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A Week by Week Guide to the Menstrual Cycle

*If you find yourself suffering from miserable PMS or period symptoms, on or off of birth control, BINTO’s supplements might be a great solution for you. We use a custom blend of vitamins to help with cramps, mental health, and fatigue. Our probiotics are great for your digestion and easing bloating, too! Tell us your…

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Antibiotics and Birth Control: Drug Interactions

Picture this: your winter cold develops into a nasty sinus infection. You go to the doctor and she prescribes you an antibiotic to treat the infection. She asks if you’re on any other medications.  You wonder-is she just being nosy? Drug Interaction Don’t worry, your doctor isn’t digging into your personal life. Knowing what medications…

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Natural Remedies to Prevent BV: Avoid it Before it Happens

What is BV? Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) occurs when there is too much of a particular bacteria in the vagina. If more bad bacteria than good bacteria is present, it upsets the balance and results in a series of uncomfortable symptoms (1). Itching, irritation, burning during urination, vaginal discharge, a strong odor. Doesn’t sound fun at…

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