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IUDs vs. The Pill: Which Birth Control Is Better for You?

Nearly 60 years ago, in 1960, the birth control pill made its historic debut. Initially, it was celebrated as women around the world could finally take control of their fertility. But as more and more choices to prevent pregnancy have entered the market, many women have started to question — or even disavow — their…

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Low Sex Drive? It Could Be Your Hormones

In the past we’ve written about your hormonal cycle week by week- now, we’re going to mix it up a bit. Sex drive is majorly impacted by hormone levels in your body, but the question remains: how do the two correlate?   Scientists at UC Santa Barbara discovered a relationship between estrogen and progesterone levels…

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Why Do I Bleed After Having Sex?

  Our BINTO supplements are clinically formulated by a team of scientists and medical professionals to support hormonal balance without any fillers or unnecessary ingredients. A little bit of bleeding after sex is fairly common and can mean several things. It’s natural to feel a bit panicked- but most of the time it’s not serious.…

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The Probiotic Series: Vaginal Health

When we hear about probiotics, most of us immediately think about gut health. While probiotics are definitely beneficial for your digestive system, there’s so much more to them! These little wonders, packed with good bacteria, can be super useful for promoting healthy vaginal flora. According to a 2017 study published in the International Journal of…

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STIs: Why You Could be at Risk Without Even Knowing it

Your health and wellbeing matters to us here at BINTO. Our supplements do not claim to treat or cure diseases, including sexually transmitted infections, but we can help your body feel balanced! Try our BINTO probiotic to naturally promote the growth of healthy vaginal flora. If you attended any public school system in the United…

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Is Skipping Periods on Birth Control Safe?

*If you find yourself suffering from miserable PMS or period symptoms, on or off of birth control, BINTO’s supplements might be a great solution for you. We use a custom blend of vitamins to help with cramps, mental health, and fatigue. Our probiotics are great for your digestion and easing bloating, too! Tell us your symptoms…

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Natural Remedies to Prevent BV: Avoid it Before it Happens

What is BV? Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) occurs when there is too much of a particular bacteria in the vagina. If more bad bacteria than good bacteria is present, it upsets the balance and results in a series of uncomfortable symptoms (1). Itching, irritation, burning during urination, vaginal discharge, a strong odor. Doesn’t sound fun at…

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Primary Ovarian Insufficiency (POI): What You Need to Know

According to the American Pregnancy Association, Primary Ovarian Insufficiency (POI) impacts one in every 1,000 women between the ages of 15 and 29, and one in every 100 women between the ages of 30 and 39. POI occurs when a woman’s ovaries cease functioning before the age of 40. POI can be an incredibly difficult…

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Surprising Facts About Sperm

Although we at BINTO are all about women’s health, men play a major part in reproduction. Duh! We need sperm to fertilize an egg to create an embryo. That embryo will implant and become a fetus. However, there’s a lot more to sperm than just fertilizing an egg. Check out these interesting facts about sperm…

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Busting Hormonal Birth Control Myths

The Pill, IUDs, patches, implants…the list of hormonal birth control methods goes on and on. With this list of methods comes a long list of myths we are constantly hearing about birth control. We’re going to bust the most common birth control myths we hear and give you the truth about hormonal birth control methods.…

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