A Blog for Your Male Partner: Four Simple Male Fertility Boosters

Send this blog over to your male partner! Boosting fertility is something men and women both need to do. Since it takes about three months for sperm to reach maturity, men to to start thinking about their fertility early. Here are some tips we have for you, men, on boosting your fertility.


Follow a Diet

Here’s a few fertility diet tips:

  • Make sure you are getting your daily dose of fruits and vegetables (And try to make them organic). Vegetables with folic acid increase sperm quality.  
  • Add vitamin C to your diet to boost sperm motility.
  • Foods like dark chicken, baked beans, and oysters have Zinc, which can help sperm spread out.
  • Hydrate! You need plenty of water to make healthy sperm and semen


Practice Moderate Exercise

Try to get a moderate amount of exercise each day to regulate your weight. Exercising too much or too little could play a factor in your fertility, so try to find a good moderate amount for you.

Try not to make that daily exercise cycling. Cycling will increase your testicle temperature and lower sperm counts.

Cut Out Drugs and Alcohol

Drugs, alcohol and smoking can all lead to lower sperm counts. Limit the beer and lay off the cigarettes if you are trying to increase your fertility.


Ditch the Heat

Avoid things that will cause an increase in your testicles temperature. This can include hot baths or hot tubs, tight underwear, or even resting your laptop near your testicles. The heat can lead to a decrease in sperm production.


Trying all different methods but still having trouble with conception? Visit your doctor to get a physical exam, STI testing, and semen analysis to discover your fertility diagnosis.

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