Financial Planning During the IVF Process | Tips from Team BINTO

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If you have done any research into IVF, you know that it is expensive. On average, treatments range between $5,000 and $25,000 (and that's just for one round of IVF!) Many women go through multiple rounds of IVF, so the costs can stack up.


We decided to share with you some helpful hints when it comes to planning your finances for IVF.


  1. Start with your insurance company and employer

    Make sure to understand your insurance company's policy regarding IVF. Your insurance company may or may not cover IVF costs and also may or may not dictate who you see for your IVF treatments. You can figure this out by contacting your insurance company or talking with your employer’s HR department.

  2. Talk with your chosen IVF clinic

    Once you choose where you are going to get your treatments, estimate the costs and try to set up a payment plan if necessary.

  3. Set up a Crowdfunding Page

    Ask for support from your friends and family by setting up a crowdfunding page. IVF is expensive and even just a little financial support can make a difference for you.


We hope this hints help you on your journey to planning IVF. As always, if you have any questions, reach out to us here at team BINTO!

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