Nurse Suzie’s Tips for Surviving the IVF Two Week Wait

We know, those two weeks feel like a lifetime! You are scared, nervous, stressed and your mind is racing from one possible outcome to the next.  Consider this your guide to managing these two weeks post embryo transfer.

As an IVF nurse I shared in these critical two weeks with many patients.  I received the calls and emails from so many patients worried about different signs, or for some, the lack of any. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to guarantee implantation, no magic word, no crazy food, no wiggle of the nose.

You have gone through so many events to get to this point! You managed your injections and medication and maybe even egg retrieval.  And now you find yourself waiting, with only one thing on your mind.

The stress and thoughts might seem like too much to endure. But here, I have listed some of the most effective ways to manage this stressful time in your life.


First, recognize your thoughts and stress as a normal reaction to this process. Now that you have given yourself that recognition, try to find some way to navigate the stressful or negative thoughts.  Whenever you feel a thought come to mind, acknowledge it and then take ten deep and slow breaths.  Deep breathing and conscious breathing are powerful and effective ways to combat anxiety and stressors.  If this works for you, you can even try a meditation class.

Second, take time out of your days to treat yourself or do something you love.  I found a lot of my patients enjoyed a fertility massage, a manicure, or acupuncture.  Some even scheduled a quick weekend away with their partner or a friend.

Third, learn to accept that everyone’s body is different.  Therefore, try not to read too much into signs and symptoms that you read about online, or that friends share with you.  The only way you will know with certainty is from the results of the HCG blood test.

Now dive into a great book for these two weeks, or plan a fun activity every day, and remember to breath.  You can make it through!

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