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Perfect for any special woman in your life from your BFF, to your mother-in-law.

Women's bare essential vitamin | Probiotic | $35 for a month supply

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Above all else,

health comes first.

Meet our women's starter kits! We developed this kit to support hormonal balance, general wellness, and gut health. The perfect way to gift your friend or loved one with good health. Great for the on-the-go traveler thanks to the daily dosing pouches.

Women's bare essential vitamin | Probiotic | $35 for a month supply

Better ingredients, healthier you.

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Made in the US. GMP certified.
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Made in the US. GMP certified.
Vegan friendly
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Preservative & filler free
Formulated with methylated folate.

It's what's inside that matters

Comes with a 30 day/ 1 month supply of:

  • BINTO’s probiotics help you find balance in your body and your life. It contains 25 billion CFUs of the good bacteria. We use thirteen specific lactobacillus strains to support and target three major issues/systems that women deal with daily; mental health, gut health and vaginal health.
  • BINTO’s Bare Essentials Daily vitamin supports women’s health - specifically hormonal balance - with only 8 simple ingredients that women do not get enough of through diet alone.

Women's bare essential vitamin | Probiotic | $35 for a month supply

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Jerusha, C.

Great product

What pretty packaging! Although I was curious at first about why each day had its own package and whether that was really necessary, when I went out to breakfast, it was so easy to bring the package with me and not forget. Since I've been taking the probiotic and daily, I've had more energy and a more stable mood.  I also was grateful for such a quick and informative reply to a question I asked on the website. Great product. 

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Mary Beth

Perfect for my daughter

I ordered Binto for my daughter, whose body has been assaulted by the onset of puberty and her period. She has struggled—mind and body—and it’s my hope that her Binto supplements will get her straightened out and turned into herself again.

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Lizzie, B

Love the probiotic

I just tried this for the first time and I really love the products. I've used probiotics before, but these are different. It really helps reduce stomach bloating, improves my bowel regulation, and decreases feminine itch. For the vitamin, it's super simple and you don't pee out yellow after taking it. Definitely feel healthier and more regulated!