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Every body is different. Tell us about yours in our BINTO "needs survey."

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We'll match your body's needs with the right supplements and products. Everything we carry has been handpicked by our team of nurses, physicians and researchers.

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Your personalized BINTO kit will arrive at your doorstep each month. We'll pay the shipping.

Personally curated women's health products

All in one simple kit, delivered to you monthly

Just start by taking our BINTO quiz, then we match you with your monthly products! 

Meet our founder, Nurse Suzie!

Suzie started BINTO to help women everywhere get the safe and effective products they need every month to support their unique health journey!

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Every body is unique

We get that here at BINTO. That's why personalize your suite of monthly products.  Get only the products you need, and nothing you don't.  Our packaging makes it easy for you to get your daily supplements while you're on the go.

Megan's experience:

"I've felt so much healthier since starting BINTO"

Everything is great! Can't tell you how much I love the supplements and the easy packets they come in. It was so nice to grab them for travel instead of sorting pills. I should also note that I have felt so much healthier since taking them. Not to over share, but I have always had irregular menstrual cycles and it never occurred to me that it was something I could regulate with supplements. It's been so nice to feel like my body has some balance to it now, instead of swinging back and forth between cycles. It's been a welcome change!

What we're made of

Quality ingredients.

What you put in your body matters. Good ingredients go a long way. We've built products with only the best ingredients. 

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What to expect

Not just a vitamin, you get more with us.

BINTO gets you all the products you need to support your health journey. Here's an example of our expert formulated products:

  • We offer a variety of women's daily vitamins
  • Probiotics specifically made for women 
  • Toxic-free feminine hygiene products 
  • powerful antioxidants for hormonal and fertility support


Real women's experiences.

We're on a mission.

Backed by science

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