FYI! Gummies don't always offer the
best for targeted absorption!

Our bodies breakdown, detoxify and absorb nutrients (vitamins, minerals)
in specific organs in the body.


The best method of delivery for supplements:

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Some nutrients, like B12 work best as a chewable tablet or in a liquid form

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Veggie capsules help iron absorb in the stomach and let probiotics reach your large intestine 

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Always look for the bioavailable forms of these nutrients when supplementing

The vitamin aisle is daunting. We're here to help you navigate! Check out what we discovered on our walkthrough, and what you need to look out for on supplement fact labels.

Our founder, Nurse Suzie, started Binto to help women get the nutrients we need without the junk.

Supplements (vitamins, minerals, pre/probiotics, antioxidants) act as the best first-line prevention agent - and treatment - for many of our daily wellness needs. While there's no magic pill, we offer a personalized approach to tackle your unique needs.

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Personalized Care

We curate daily supplement packets for you based on your reproductive life stages and your daily symptoms (outlined above!).

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Access to Providers

At Binto, you get 1:1 free access to our team of licensed women's health providers with your subscription. No more late-night Googling. Chat with us!

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