The Medicine Cabinet: Bridget, a Plastic Surgery PA and Aesthetic Medicine Expert in LA

The Medicine Cabinet Series was created to give you a unique look at the everyday lives and wellness routines of a diverse group of women from around the country. Dive in for a candid approach to wellness unlike any other.

Meet Bridget, a nationally board-certified physician assistant working in LA. 

Originally from the East Coast, Bridget is highly skilled in the use of botox, fillers, and skin treatments, as well as an advocate for aesthetic medicine. She helps people navigate the complicated world of skincare and cosmetic procedures on her website, and her Instagram, @botoxbybridget.

BINTO: What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

Check my phone. I always read articles or hear celebrities say they don’t do that, but I do. Having the majority of my friends and family on the East Coast, it is very common for me to wake up to multiple texts from them.  And when it is group chats… oh, game over. The buzzing starts at around 5:30 am, I’m up, checking my phone. 

BINTO: What is the last thing you do before you go to sleep?

I try to meditate. I have a tough time settling down at night, often leaving me tossing and turning and not being able to turn my brain off.  I started using the Headspace app and it has been so wonderful! I’m not the best “meditator,” but after I’m done, I’m calmer and have a more positive outlook on the day behind me and the day ahead. 

BINTO: What are some of your favorite healthy foods?

Cauliflower rice.  I can literally add it to anything.  I add frozen cauliflower rice to my morning smoothies in place of ice.  It thickens the smoothie, you can’t taste it, and you are getting in some added health benefits.  I add cauliflower rice to bolognese sauce. I try to sneak it in anywhere I can. And apples. So basic, but so easy and important! I’m a big apple and peanut butter girl.  It’s my go-to snack. 

BINTO: Tell us about your fitness routine.

I have made a big switch in the last few months! I am, at my core, a cardio junkie. Spinning and running are always my favorite workouts and if I’m not dripping in sweat, huffing and puffing, I feel like I didn’t get a good workout. But then I started getting really tired and worn down.  Now, I’ve started doing weights 3 days a week (with the Madeline Moves app) and cardio 3 days a week (using my Peloton or running.) People always say you will see results with weights, and I ignored them. Now that I am doing it, they are definitely correct! 

BINTO: What was the defining moment when you realized you could take your health into your own hands?

You know, I honestly don’t think there was a defining moment.  I was raised to know what was healthy and what wasn’t. Treats were always special, but you had to finish your milk before you got dessert.  A vegetable was always on the plate growing up or packed in my lunches at school. I think a solidifying moment was when I began to work in the medical field and saw how many people are so truly sick. Obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer …. It makes me so grateful and thankful for not only MY health, but my friends and family’s health. I will never take my health for granted.

BINTO: Do you use Binto? If so, what kind of changes have you experienced as a result?

Major Binto fan!!!  Prior to using them, I used to be the girl with like 7 different vitamin bottles stuffed under her bathroom sink trying to remember which one I need daily or which one was every other day. Ha! One of the major changes I have seen is growth in my hair and fingernails.  It was an odd observation, but my nails started growing so. fast. And then I went to get a haircut, and my stylist was like “Your hair is growing like a weed!” I was like, “It’s my VITAMINS!!” 

BINTO: How do you define wellness?

Wellness, to me, is the active process toward living a healthy and fulfilling life.  I think we all understand and actively aim to achieve physical wellness, which is my favorite because it comes naturally to me. But as I get older, I’ve come to recognize that there are other aspects of wellness - emotional, spiritual, intellectual, social are just a few, and it takes a lot of effort!  Sometimes it can be downright overwhelming. I’m like “How do people work, be a good family member, exercise, meditate, remember birthdays, drink water, go to book club, volunteer, get their laundry done, get to the post office, get to doctors appointments, eat healthy, and get 8 hours of sleep?!” With social media, I swear we are inundated with this stuff, to the point where it almost makes you FEEL BAD when you aren’t DOING. IT. ALL.  Wellness to me is just doing my best to find the balance between all of these aspects.

BINTO: What do you consider to be the most important step of your wellness routine?

Movement and physical activity is the most important step for me. I don’t stress about getting up early, but just fitting it in somewhere in my schedule works for me.  It’s my time. It makes me happy and feel good. I think I’m more patient, more focused, and positive knowing I’ve moved at some point during the day. 

BINTO: How has your wellness routine evolved over the years?

I would say up until about 2 years ago - wellness to me was physical.  Exercise and diet. That was my wellness world. What was the latest and greatest in terms of fitness classes or trending diets.  Now, I’ve incorporated different aspects. Learning boundaries and how to work with others while at work. Respecting myself enough to say no to things, I just don’t want to do. Meditating more. Surrounding myself with people I enjoy and not feeling as if I have to be friends with everyone and please everyone.  My skincare routine has significantly evolved. I used to not wash my face at night and use Dove soap as my cleanser. Now I’ve added some more steps!

BINTO: What is one product you absolutely cannot live without?

Skin Owl Beauty Drops. I am obsessed.  At first, I was very hesitant applying oil to my skin, fearful it would make me look and feel oily.  Not at all. They give you a nice dewey glow and hydrate your face better than any product I've tried. These have changed my face!  I recommend them to almost all of my patients and have only heard good reviews. 

BINTO: How do you take your health and wellness routine on the go?

Ok, travel size skincare products are the best. A lot of stores carry their popular items in travel sizes… or ask for a sample.  It’s the oldest trick in the book. It makes traveling with my skincare routine so much easier! 

BINTO: What is your biggest challenge in terms of health and wellness right now?

Staying consistent is hard for me. I say I want to do something, such as meditate daily, but then I find myself on the couch watching Bravo. Which, sometimes I consider Bravo reality TV my personal kind of meditation. 

BINTO: What is your favorite part about being a Plastic Surgery Physician Assistant?

Making people feel good is easily my favorite part about being a plastic surgery PA. I do a lot of the non-surgical cosmetic treatments, think microneedling, botox, fillers, and people feel so genuinely good after their procedures. Hearing women say, “I didn’t wear foundation for the first time in years,” after a treatment or “I’ve never felt so confident,” after receiving botox - makes my day.  It’s my goal to have my patients feel like themselves, but more confident with their skin and appearance. Getting injectables does not make you fake. Wanting to look good does not make you self absorbed. And I mean, my job is fun! It’s fun to work with brides who are trying to get their skin ready for the big day, and it’s fun to work with middle aged women who want to age gracefully without surgery. It’s impactful to work with someone who is battling acne scarring or with a new mom trying to get her groove back. 

BINTO: How do you channel your own ideas about wellness into your work?

So this is exactly why I started my Instagram.  As painful as I feel it is to take pictures of myself, I wanted to share my wellness thoughts and interests with others and incorporate it into my day job.  I like to post about things I believe in. Whether I’m posting about my last workout, my weekend plans, my previous patient, an anatomy lesson, I use it a tool to educate and encourage others to do what makes them happy and feel good. I aim to dispel the misconceptions of plastic surgery, while also talking about things people just want to know - what skincare product is best when, how to stay motivated, tips on waking up early, what to do if you don’t want injectables.  I’ve received really positive feedback, which makes the whole process of creating content fun and worth it!

BINTO: If you could give one piece of skincare advice to our readers, what would it be?

Please wear sunscreen. Like real facial sunscreen.  Not the kind in your makeup and not the kind in your moisturizer.  Sunscreen should be the last step of your skincare routine in the morning and be applied right before your makeup.  Sun exposure is the #1 cause of facial aging (aka wrinkles and sun spots). Sunscreen will prevent this! I always advise patients to look for a physical sunscreen.  These products contain metal flecks that completely block and reflect all UV rays. Look for ingredients: titanium dioxide & zinc oxide. Your future self will thank you for this! 


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