The Medicine Cabinet: Kara, an Experience Curator and Event Strategist based in LA

The Medicine Cabinet Series was created to give you a unique look at the everyday lives and wellness routines of a diverse group of women from around the country. Dive in for a candid approach to wellness unlike any other.

Meet Kara, an Experience Coordinator and Event Strategist based in LA. She has a passion for connecting people over the dinner table and uses food, environment, and intentional conversation to create spaces that prioritize togetherness. She travels the country planning dinner parties, workshops, and courses designed to encourage people to connect over food. You can read more about Kara and the events she hosts on her website and Instagram, @bykaraelise.

BINTO: What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

I say out loud to myself: I wonder what magical thing will happen today. I love starting the day looking for a miracle and starting the day from a posture of wonder. 

BINTO: What is the last thing you do before you go to sleep?

 I love having a cup of tea at night and I usually try to do a breathing exercise. Oh and of course kiss my fiancé and tell him he’s the best thing that ever happened to me!

BINTO: What are some of your favorite healthy foods?

I’m a salt girl and such a sucker for seaweed. I could eat sheets and sheets of it. I buy it from the Korean market and love having endless packets on hand. I also really love One bars when I’m craving protein!

BINTO: Tell us about your fitness routine. 

I’ve tried really to make it a non-negotiable to move every day. Whether it’s a walk or yoga or a good sweat session at the gym. Yoga keeps me grounded, walking reminds me what a gift it is to have a body, and a sweat session is always what I need to deal with stress or up my endorphins!

BINTO: What was the defining moment when you realized you could take your health into your own hands?

I’ve had some crazy hormonal imbalances in my life and have had to do a lot of work around body image and recreating healthy eating patterns. When I was in my late 20s I discovered Sara Gottfried’s book: The Hormone Reset Diet. Reading her book was the first time that I realized how possible it is to be doing so many “healthy” things, but if the whole system isn't healthy, something is going to be wrong. Her book helped me walk through a process of redefining health, and ultimately taking it back into my own hands.

BINTO: Do you use Binto? If so, what kind of changes have you experienced as a result?

 YES and I LOVE it. I’ve always been someone who lives adventurously and spontaneously, and creating rhythm is something I need help with. Supplements are no exception! Within a week of taking Binto, my digestion improved and my bloating lessened. I love that packets of supplements are ready to go so I can travel with them and stick to the routine of taking them every day.

BINTO: How do you define wellness?

Wellness to me is treating yourself well. In my mind, wellness starts with self-compassion. It starts with the belief that we are beautiful, crafted, and designed human beings in very special human suits. And when we treat ourselves with compassion, that internal love flows outwardly to every action in our life. Because of self-compassion, we eat better, treat our bodies kinder, move them more, and give them things that make them thrive.

BINTO: What do you consider to be the most important step of your wellness routine?

I think the most important part of my wellness routine is my inner narrative. My wellness journey shifted drastically when I changed my beliefs around my body. On the daily I’m asking: How am I speaking to myself today? Am I speaking from a place of love, or am I being critical to myself. I ask myself every day, would I speak to a friend or a daughter that way?

BINTO: How has your wellness routine evolved over the years? 

I used to be someone who thought that wellness was eating well and working out. I would spend so much time in the gym trying to beat my body into submission to what I thought I needed it to look like. Now, my wellness routine revolves much more around how I feel. It revolves around being patient and gentle with myself, and really tuning intuitively into my stomach, my muscles, my mind, and asking them: How can I love you well today?

BINTO: What is one product you absolutely cannot live without?

Skin Owl’s eye cream. I absolutely love it. And I love a good glass of wine- My go-to is Dry Farm Wines!

BINTO: How do you take your health and wellness routine on the go?

Binto has been such a big help with that! I am currently on the road, and if I have social time I’ll ask a friend to go for a hike as our catch up, or if I’m alone I’ll try to fit in 15 minutes of yoga at the hotel.

BINTO: What is your biggest challenge in terms of health and wellness right now?

My biggest challenge has been routine and consistency. Because I travel so often, I’ve had to create ways to really make routine when life feels all over the place. Sometimes that routine is simply starting the day with 5 minutes of prayer or meditation. Or sometimes it’s simply just asking my body how it’s doing.

BINTO: What is your favorite part about running The Art of Hosting?

Wow so many things. I think the best part for me is realizing that everyone wants to belong. And hosting gives people the tools to 1. belong to themselves, 2. create belonging for others, and 3. carry that sense of belonging into the greater world.

BINTO: What is one favorite memory you have from a retreat or Connect dinner?

SO many! Each connect dinner is unique and special because we are gathering 20 strangers over dinner and creating space for connection to simply happen. One of the best moments for me last month was watching the comfort of people shift from the beginning to the end. Guests walk in and feel a little uncomfortable or alone or intimidated, and by the end, they’re walking out feeling grounded, in their bodies, and like they have a brand new set of friends.

BINTO: How do you channel your own ideas about wellness into your work?

Wellness is infused into everything I do. I think that the way we treat ourselves bleeds into every other aspect of our life, so I find when I’m treating myself well, I work so much more efficiently and joyfully. I love to bring people into a space where they are able to connect to themselves, and I often use food as a vehicle to do that! Food is magical because it’s something that every human has to do; It’s nourishment. But gathering around food allows us to be nourished in our bodies and our minds and our souls.

BINTO: If you could give one piece of hosting advice to our readers, what would it be?

Connect to yourself. Give voice to your inner world. Trust yourself. And if you don’t, get curious and ask why. The best part of my life is realizing that it’s a journey and that it’s happening for me, not to me. 


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