The Medicine Cabinet Series: Melissa, health coach and certified yoga teacher

The Medicine Cabinet Series was created to give you a unique look at the everyday lives and wellness routines of a diverse group of women from around the country. Dive in for a candid approach to wellness unlike any other.

Meet Melissa Weinberg! She's a health coach and registered yoga teacher and certified personal trainer. Melissa grew up loving movement, more specifially, she spent her younger years as a gymnist! Take a peek inside how Melissa spends most of her days, finds movement, and creates her go-to healthy habits.


BINTO: What's the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?


Melissa: I usually wake up to an alarm because I see early morning personal training clients most weekdays. After my alarm goes off, I lay in bed for a few minutes, breathe, and take notice of how my body is feeling. I follow up with a big "good morning" stretch and some supine twists, all while still in bed. This mini meditation only takes about 3 minutes total, but it makes a big and noticeable difference in how I start my day. After that, it's straight to my pup Lilah to offer her some morning cuddles!


BINTO: What are your favorite healthy foods?

Melissa: I just got a juicer, so I’m loving all sorts of juices and tonics right now. I also love anything with ginger, turmeric, and/or fresh herbs.


BINTO: Tell us about your fitness routine.

Melissa: I practice (and teach) intuitive movement, which means listening to my body is key when determine my fitness routine. I adjust my workouts based on how I'm feeling, and I take my client schedule and daily activity level into account. For example, when I have a long 12-hour workday ahead, I may choose to take a rest day or practice restorative yoga at home. When my day is a bit lighter and I know my energy level will be higher, I'll fit in a Motion Melissa style strength training workout. In a typical week, I tend to do a 2-3 barre and yoga classes and 2-3 strength training workouts on my own. Above all, I do what feels good for me and my body!


BINTO: What was the defining moment when you realized you could take your health into your own hands?

 Melissa: For me, it was a gradual process rather than one defining moment. After several less-than-optimal healthcare experiences in my twenties, I came to realize that I need to be my own health and wellness advocate by becoming more in tune with my body. Yes, modern medicine is, of course, a necessary component to our health in today’s world. But, I also have come to realize that I, myself, am the only one who truly knows my body. I learned not to simply show up for doctor’s appointments and rely on someone else to tell me how to optimize my wellbeing. I am not a victim to my health now, but I feel empowered to truly know my body and do what I feel is best for it.


BINTO: How has your wellness routine changed over the years?

 Melissa: Well, it has definitely changed A LOT! I come from a competitive gymnastics background, which emphasized perfection and pushing hard through pain. For a long time, I thought I was "lazy" if I ate unhealthy foods or didn't push my limits when working out, even if I was in pain. Perfection was the goal, and I would do and try nearly anything to get there. Over the years, and through discovering yoga and meditation, I was able to let go of perfection and give myself and my body a much-needed break. I've learned to be much more in tune with my body, and to listen to my body when it needs extra rest or nourishment.



BINTO: Do you use Binto? If so, what kind of changes have you experienced as a result?

Melissa: I just started using Binto last month! So far, I've noticed increased energy (no more late afternoon slump!) and more balanced moods. I have always been a supplements and vitamins person, but it was getting tiresome keeping up with so many different regimens, bottles, and pills. I love how Binto takes the guesswork out of it and simplifies my supplement routine. The packets are also so great for travel!


BINTO: What other product can’t you live without?Melissa: I love my Nespresso Aeroccino. It helps me create all sorts off frothy lattes at home. My current favorite is a golden milk latte, made with almond milk and Garden of Life golden milk blend.


BINTO: What is your biggest challenge in terms of health or wellness right now?

Melissa: I have PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), which I manage mostly through my wellness routine. However, because there are so many genetic, environmental, and other factors outside of my control influencing my health, it can often be frustrating not seeing the results I feel like I deserve when I'm "doing everything right."  My weight and hormone levels often fluctuate out of nowhere, and sometimes the struggle feels extra lonely because I appear "well" on the outside. But, I know I am doing my best to treat my body well, and it helps to have the support of my family, friends, and great products like Binto!


BINTO: How do you define wellness?

Melissa: I think of “health” as the goal and “wellness” as the active approach to achieving it. While we can’t always choose the state of our health due to genetics and other factors, we do have the conscious choice to make active, positive decisions toward enhancing our lives. Wellness practices empower you to optimize your life and grow to reach your fullest potential, no matter what health cards you have been dealt. For me wellness is also holistic, in that it helps address not only physical wellbeing, but also emotional, social, spiritual, environmental, intellectual, and occupational components of our health


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