The Change: Decoding the Signs and Symptoms of Menopause

We recently announced that we are now providing menopause support (yay!). Women experience menopause because of hormone changes. As you age, your estrogen and progesterone hormones go down. This will cause changes to your body, and maybe mind and life. But how are you supposed to know when you’ve reached the menopause stage of your life? We want to tell you what signs and symptoms mean that you are experiencing menopause!

Irregular periods

Notice that your period is coming more often than usual? Lasting longer? Or maybe skipping a few months and only lasting a few days? Irregular periods are one of the most common signs you’re entering menopause. Unless you are trying to get pregnant at this time, irregular periods are nothing to worry about. However, once menopause ends, see your doctor if you still experience bleeding.  

Hot flashes

Many women feel a sudden wave of heat in the head, neck and chest during menopause. Some women notice their skin redden or begin to sweat. Hot flashes are due to a decrease in estrogen levels.  They are one of the most common symptoms women experience during menopause and their length and frequency vary from woman to woman.  

Hot flashes can carry over into the night as night sweats. This causes insomnia in 61% of women, according to the National Sleep Foundation.

Less interested in sex

You may find that you lack a sexual drive during menopause. With hormones changing, there will be less blood flow to the vagina. This could lead to a lack of interest in having sex. Additionally, some women experience dryness in their vagina during menopause. This can make sex painful and undesirable. To ease this pain, we suggest using a water based lubricant.

Not all women lose interest in sex. Some people feel more relaxed at this time. They have no fear of unwanted pregnancy or have more free time later in life.

Mood changes

Irritability, anxiety, and sadness are common emotions women feel during menopause. We suggest making simple changes to your everyday life to relieve these emotions. Eating healthier, staying active, relaxing more or finding a new hobby can all be ways to manage your mood swings. You can also take a daily probiotic to ease these symptoms. Here at BINTO, we have an expert formulated probiotic just for you!

Physical changes

During your menopausal years, your body will also go through physical changes. 90% of women experience some type of weight gain during this time. It's common for women to experience hair loss or brittle nails. Women might notice their skin becoming try or itchy. All these changes, among others, are due to the hormonal imbalance the body is undergoing.


Everyone women is unique and will be affected by menopause in a different way. Here at BINTO we understand this. That’s why we create customized menopause support kits just for you.


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