Binto Postpartum Mom Support Group

Group information:

Postpartum is hard AF. Join our Binto mom-in-resident, Andi Schmerin, for a safe online live support group. Community is critical for postpartum and we're here to help.

What you get:

  1. A safe, judgement-free space
  2. Connect with other new moms 
  3. Share tips and advice 
  4. Moderation from a medical professional when needed 

Class Details:

  1. Date: 5/8/20 @2PM EST (hopefully nap time for some of your babies)
  2. 50-minute live group session on Binto's digital platform
  3. Led by our director of telehealth, Andi Schmerin, PA-C and women's health specialist.
  4. Free - Binto members only!

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Join and learn!

Join the digital live class and enjoy the content! The more we know about our bodies, the more informed decision we make. 


Andi Schmerin, PA-C and women's health expert | Director of Telehealth at Binto

Register for the class! Date 5/8/20 at 2PM EST