What Foods You Should Actually Avoid During Pregnancy

A lot of blogs out there (including ours) give you a guide to foods to eat while you're pregnant. But there isn’t much about what foods to stay away from. We’re here to give you a list of foods to avoid during pregnancy to ensure a healthy you (and baby!)

Raw Meat, Eggs, Shellfish

Any raw food can be dangerous to eating during pregnancy. These foods can cause toxoplasmosis and salmonella poisoning. Toxoplasmosis can lead to health problems in your baby and increase chances of miscarriage. While salmonella poisoning may not harm your child, you will feel sick, which is never good on top of all your other pregnancy symptoms.


Fish with mercury

You have probably heard not to eat canned tuna while you are pregnant. But many other fish such as shark, swordfish, and the fish in your sushi can all have high mercury levels. Try to limit or eliminate your consumption of these kinds of fish when you're pregnant. Mercury had been linked with slow development and brain damage in the fetus.


Foods with Listeria

Deli meats, soft cheeses, unpasteurized milk and sushi often contain something called listeria. Listeria is a bacteria in many foods. While you will normally not receive an infection from consuming foods with listeria, your chances of getting listeriosis greatly increase when you consume these foods while pregnant. Getting sick from this can cause miscarriage, an infection in a fetus, or premature birth.



Caffeine intake, whether it come in the form of coffee, soda, or energy drinks should be limited during pregnancy. The ACOG states that 200mg per day is an acceptable amount of caffeine for a pregnant woman. During pregnancy, caffeine passes through the placenta and into your baby’s bloodstream. Since the fetus is still developing, it will take longer to process the caffeine. Studies are still being done to discover if caffeine intake is associated with miscarriage or premature birth.



Alcohol is a known no no when it comes to your pregnancy diet. Any form of alcohol can mess with fetal growth and development. Babies can develop what is called fetal alcohol syndrome. This can create mental and physical birth defects. Continue to lay off the alcohol when you are breastfeeding as well to keep your new baby safe.

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