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Why You Need Magnesium for Hormone Balancing

Magnesium for Hormone Balancing

In terms of supplements, magnesium doesn’t always get as much attention as the “big” nutrients, like vitamin D, B12, or folate. But while it may fly under the radar, magnesium plays a major role in hormone balancing, and benefits our bodies in many ways, from improving digestion to boosting mood. Unfortunately, most people in the…

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Benefits of B12 Vitamins: Why Do You Need Them?

Benefits of B12 Vitamins

When you receive your personalized Binto supplements, you’ll notice a small, round, red, chewable tablet. This is vitamin B12. But what is it, and what does it do for your body? Here, we’ll dive into the benefits of B12 vitamins, why they’re essential for good health, and all the things they do for your body.…

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What Does “Percent Daily Value” Actually Mean?

You see nutrition labels everywhere — from the wrappers of snack bars to supplements like Binto. You already know what the number of calories, as well as grams of fat, carbs, and protein mean. But what about those daily value percentages next to certain nutrients? Or recommended dietary allowances? We break down which numbers you…

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Are Personalized Vitamins Better Than Buying at CVS?

We’ve all been there: standing in the drugstore aisle, staring at rows upon rows of vitamins and supplements. Which ones do I really need? Will a multivitamin take care of everything? Where should I even begin?!  That’s where personalized vitamins come in. Recently, companies like Binto have begun to sell personalized vitamins for a range of…

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The Best Time of Day to Take Vitamins

It’s a new year — and chances are you’re adding a few new habits to your daily routine. Hopefully, one of these involves taking your Binto supplements (if you’re not already!). If so, you might be wondering when is the best time to take your vitamins. Good news: We’ve got you covered — and it’s…

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What Is Adrenal Fatigue?

Adrenal fatigue

You’re worn out. Your body aches. You’re constantly irritated and annoyed. Maybe you think feeling this way is normal. Maybe you think it’s simply a byproduct of your busy schedule and not enough sleep. But that’s not always true. And you don’t have to feel this way forever.  These symptoms are associated with a syndrome called adrenal…

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The Fertility Diet: Healthy Smoothie Recipes

I can’t help it. I love food! And smoothies have a certain soft spot in my heart.  They’re smooth, delicious, and if you make them the right way, they are packed with good nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants! Check out some of my favorites below:  The best healthy smoothie recipes for your fertility health  *blend in an…

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