The Be Vitamin Series: Jordyn Amoroso

The Be Vitamin Series was created to give you a unique look at the everyday lives and wellness routines of a diverse group of empowered women. Dive in for a q&a with our Binto babes and get inspired to up your glow this new year! 

Meet Jordyn Amoroso, Chief Brand Officer at Clove, new mama and dog mama and all around Philly gem. You may see her out and about pushing a stroller, Dalmatian in tow, carrying a coffee all while donning an effortlessly chic outfit. You can check her out on Instagram, @jordyn.amoroso and Clove @goclove.

Tell us a bit about your daily wellness routine.

As a new mom, my wellness priorities became super clear postpartum because you have way less time for yourself. My daily stroller walks and runs with my dalmatian, Domino, definitely centers me! Plus, as the Chief Brand Officer of a sneaker company, Clove, I love getting my steps in and my feet never hurt, ever.

I have two non-negotiable wellness drinks that bookend my daily routine. I dream about my morning La Colombe cold brew coffee with a splash of Oat or Almond and then at night, I like to wind down with hot water with lemon, a sprinkle of the Glow Down, honey and a splash of Apple Cider Vinegar. Hot tip: Meyer lemons are key to making this evening tonic!

For my mental wellness routine, I LOVE my podcasts and try to find a balance between the content I consume. I oscillate from NYT's The Daily Podcast to Pia Baroncini's Everything is the Best to The Gabby Reece Show. If I need a good laugh, I love The Morning Toast.

What product can’t you live without?

The Glow Down, obviously! A friend also just got me the Kate McLeod body stone. Also, Philly-based beauty guru, Victoria Roggio, introduced me to the Furtuna face products and it's my new favorite line. My Clove sneakers for my city walks. I've walked 20,000 steps in a day in those kicks.

What was the defining moment when you realized you could take your health into your own hands?

My trainer, Motion Melissa (and fellow Binto user), has been a constant throughout my wellness journey. From getting wedding ready to pre and post natal workouts, her approach to fitness is really technical. She knows the body inside and out, especially during pregnancy.

Have you seen your wellness routine evolve over the years?

As a former D1 and nationally ranked junior tennis player, my wellness routine and training was very regimented and results driven. However, throughout my late twenties and now as a new mom at 32, I've learned to slow down a little. Also, when you're pregnant, you really take a moment to consider what you're consuming, ranging from nutrition to beauty products to even content.

I am always eager to learn more about the connection between the mind and body, so I am excited to embark on a new chapter with Health & Wellness Coach, Natalie Guss, in 2022. Her humorous approach to health is inspiring and relatable!

Do you use BINTO? How do you stick to your routine?

Similar to Motion Melissa, Binto has been integral to my health journey. I added the prenatal to my binto pack when I started to think about family planning and I was so excited to share that I was having a #Bintobaby with Suzie and the team! Equally, the prenatal plus has been great for my postpartum journey. Between those early days of nursing to the ever shifting hormones, it gave me peace of mind that I was taking an additional supplement to support my body.

Favorite supplement in your Binto pack-Go!

I will forever appreciate the DHA fish oil. All about the omegas over here!

How do you take your wellness routine on the go?

Obviously the Binto packs make traveling with vitamins so easy. I wash them down with my Porter water bottle that I got from The Wellness Refinery. Oh, and lots of unsalted roasted nuts. You will always find a bag of those with me.

Do you feel like there is something you’re still searching for in your wellness journey?

It's been 9 weeks postpartum and I am jumping back into movement; however, I am starting to still struggle to find time for stretching and cooling down. Recovery is so important now and I need to remind myself of this.

What's your BE Vitamin for 2022?

This year I want to "BE Focused" -- because with a little one, these are the moments to slow and be present. The more focused I can be with my time, the more focused I can be on him.

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