5 Tips for a Healthy Back-to-School Season

Tips for Back to School

We can’t believe it either, but suddenly the time has come to go back to school! For many moms, this can bring on a few more complications than easy summer living. However, at Binto, we believe this time of year doesn’t need to be so difficult, for you or your daughter(s).

Make this season the best yet with these healthy tips for back to school from Dr. Taz Bhatia, MD, an integrative medicine physician, wellness expert, and bestselling author, as well Binto’s own founder, Nurse Suzie.

1. Include your children in back-to-school prep.

While it may be easier (and faster) to grab the school supplies on your own, it’s a better idea to get your teens involved. Let them pick out their new notebooks, backpack, folders, pens, and water bottle. It’s nice for a change to let them be in charge of something, and it’ll get them more excited about the year ahead.

2. Build in time for breakfast.

A successful day at school starts in the kitchen at home. “Breakfast is a critical meal for school-age children, stimulating serotonin (the feel-good hormone) and regulating blood sugar,” says Dr. Taz.

Here are a few foods that can start your child’s day off right.

Eggs: “High in protein, healthy fat and iron, eggs are a great early a.m. brain booster,” Dr. Taz says.

Yogurt: Yogurt contains probiotics for good digestive support and up to 10 grams of protein. Top with some crunchy, fiber-filled cereal and fresh fruit for a delicious combo.

Almond Butter: For an easy protein source, simply spread 1 tbsp on an English Muffin or toast, and add some fresh fruit or sugar-free jam— an easy, portable breakfast for learning success, suggests Dr. Taz.

Find more breakfast and lunch ideas on Dr. Taz’s website.

3. Organize their closet.

An organized closet cuts down on all those early-morning, last-minute clothing dilemmas. (And we've all been there!) With your teen's help, select a pile of outgrown or unwanted clothes to donate (be brutal!). Then, streamline the more minimal closet with hanging organizers and clearly labeled shelves to make getting ready in the morning oh-so simple.

4. Schedule a casual family meeting.

Summer routines tend to get lax, so it’s a good idea to discuss how things will change for the school year, as Julie Ross, executive director of Parenting Horizons tells Woman’s Day.

For example, since bedtime is often earlier during the school year, ask your kids what will help them accomplish this change. Do they need blackout shades? Time within the routine to read and get sleepy? Other topics on the discussion table can be homework schedule and screen time.

5. Buy a Binto subscription for your daughter(s).

“Traditional multivitamins bought off the drugstore shelf aren’t necessarily created for the hormonal teen, but Binto's multis are!” Nurse Suzie explains. “Our Bare Essentials vitamin is a great alternative to the traditional multi, plus we personalize your teen’s packet with supplements like a probiotic or zinc if needed.”

Other vitamins that are particularly beneficial for teenage girls include:

Vitamin D3: This vitamin is really essential at all ages, but particularly for young women. (Read more about vitamin D3 in this blog post.) Especially if your daughter is a picky eater and/or stays inside most of the day, it's hard to get enough vitamin D3, Suzie says.

Not only does vitamin D play a critical role in our development from young child to an adult woman, but it is also helpful for easing period cramps, along with calcium!

DHA: Also known as “healthy fats,” these are the omega 3/6/9 fats that are essential for health brain development — making this the perfect supplement for teens, Suzie says. Bonus: DHA also helps with uterine health and period cramps!

Probiotic: Science has shown that our gut is basically the second brain, Suzie says. Binto’s specially designed probiotic also contains prebiotic fiber, which work together to support a healthy microbiome.

Not only does this support your teen’s digestive tract, but also their mood and mental health. “With anxiety and stress levels higher than ever in teens, a probiotic supplement is the perfect addition to your daily routine,” Suzie says.

Other crucial supplements for school-aged daughters include B vitamins for energy, B6 for PMS relief, magnesium for stress relief and sleep support, and zinc to help with hormonal acne.

The best news? You can get them all in one convenient pack when you order from Binto. Click the link below and have your daughter(s) take the quiz to figure out which vitamins and supplements are right for their needs.

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