Best Probiotics for Women

In a market of thousands of products, where do you even begin?

They Contain A Prebiotic:

Prebiotics are a fiber found in plants, and when you ingest them they aren’t fully digested. Instead, they travel down to your intestines and become food for probiotics. Without enough prebiotic fiber, probiotics don’t have the energy to do their job. BINTO’s probiotic has a prebiotic built in, so you don’t have to worry about buying one separately.


Good Bacteria for your Gut:

  • Lactobacillus reuteri: supports digestive health
  • L. acidophilus: great at breaking down lactose found in dairy products; reduces cholesterol levels and balances blood sugar
  • Bifidobacterium breve & B. longum: other naturally occurring bacteria


Good Bacteria for Vaginal Health:

  • L. rhamnosus & L. acidophilus: can help prevent bacterial vaginosis
  • L. reuteri & L. paracasei: known for halting development of vaginal yeast infections
  • B. breve, B. bifidum & B. longum: antimicrobial properties


Good Bacteria for Radiant Skin:

  • L. reuteri: helps keep skin clear 
  • L. casei & L. plantarum: can help protect against bad bacteria that cause skin flare ups
  • B. longum: can strengthen skin’s natural barrier


Good Bacteria for Mood Support:

  • L. rhamnosus: aims to balance mood swings; can lessen symptoms of anxiety and depression
  • B. longum: helps relieve stress and improve cognition


Why BINTO's Probiotics?

We know what works and what doesn't, which takes out the guesswork for you. BINTO probiotics are formulated by a team of health experts and scientists, so you know your product is both safe and effective for women. The ingredients are shelf-stable, vegetarian, and do not contain gluten, dairy, or any fillers. No one-size-fits-all schemes, no pseudo-experts. Just improved health.



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