Lunar Cycles vs. Menstrual Cycles: Your Period & the Full Moon

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Astrology. Star signs. Horoscopes. Sound familiar to you?

Today we’re talking period cycles and lunar cycles. Are they related? Does a new or full moon affect menstruation? We thought- with the upcoming Blue Moon on March 31st -this would be a perfect time to differentiate myth from fact!

Full Moon Bleeding vs. New Moon Bleeding

Throughout history, the moon and fertility have been linked, and it only made sense to loop women into the mix (1). Women began using lunar cycles to track menstruation- a full lunar phase is 29.5 days, similar to a woman's average cycle (3). The goal was to track your period for several months and see if it aligned with a new moon or a full moon, which were interpreted to mean different things.

Full Moon

This would be referred to as the Red Moon Cycle. If you get your period during the full moon, then you’re considered to be most fertile during the new moon. Historically, the Red Moon Cycle was associated with healers, shamans, and darker energy (2). In ancient times, you would have been considered a seductress or evil woman (4). Classic patriarchal accusations, am I right, ladies?

New Moon

This is the White Moon Cycle. If you get your period during a new moon, then you’re considered to be most fertile during a full moon. Ancient civilizations would claim you have a greater alignment with fertility and motherhood (2). You would have been known as the quintessential child bearer.


You probably already guessed it, but there really isn’t any scientific data that proves any of these theories. That being said, the moon isn’t a bad way to keep track of your period. You may find yourself looking up at the sky to figure out if you need to pack tampons for your weekend trip. Not a bad idea at all- thank you nature!








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