Tampon Myths: What You Really Need to Know About Tampons

We are constantly hearing fears and thoughts about tampons. Since the average women will use 9,200 tampons in her life, we decided to help you bust these myths. Let’s learn why many of the things you hear about tampons are false, and why one is overwhelmingly true.


Tampons can get lost inside of you

This is false. The cervix is the area at the top of your vagina. The cervix is very small, only about 3 cm wide. Since it is so small, it is impossible for a tampon to pass through it. Your tampon will never go any farther than the top of your vagina.


Some women think their tampon is stuck because they can’t find the string to pull it out. This is normal. Sometimes the string might go inside your body along with the tampon, so just reach around to pull the tampon out without the string.


You can’t wear a tampon overnight

This is also a common myth that is false. You won’t get toxic shock syndrome or a UTI from sleeping with a tampon. It’s suggested that women change their tampon every 6-8 hours. So, if you think you’ll sleep for about 8 hours, sleep with a tampon. Also, try to use a light absorbency tampon depending on your flow. If you think you will be sleeping for a longer period of time, it’s safe to wear a pad instead.  


You can’t wear tampons in the water

Wrong again! It’s actually suggested that you wear a tampon when you're on the period and swimming. This because the tampon absorbs your period flow before it leaves your body. That way, you won't have any leaks while you're in the water. (And no, a shark can’t smell your period blood!)


While swimming, your tampon may also absorb some of the water around you. This is normal. Just make sure to change your tampon after your swim.


The toxins in tampons are bad for your body

Now, this is true! Name brand tampons typically include dioxins, chlorine, and phthalates. These are all chemicals that can cause infertility, endometriosis, and certain cancers. What’s even worse, is that is not required to list these ingredients on the tampon box.  


Your vagina is the most absorbent part of your body, so what you put in it matters!


That’s why we suggest using non-toxic, organic cotton tampons and pads. Here at BINTO, we can deliver these safe feminine care products to your door. Plus, you’ll receive vitamins, probiotics, and other supplements, personalized just for you!

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