Travel Essentials for Women: What You Need to Stay Healthy

We just took a trip to Asia. From the other side of the world, we learned a thing or two about product essentials for women when traveling. Here's the low-down on what we MUST have while in a plane, train, or automobile (or boat!):

First things first, when traveling, you need to try and stick to your health routine. For us, that means taking our supplements every day. Taking your daily supplements helps you make sure you're getting all your daily vitamins and minerals. Getting all the nutrients you need is challenging while traveling! Taking your probiotic and vitamins also ensures that your digestive tract is healthy, and your hormones and menstrual cycle stay regular.

Bring a water bottle

Yes! This is imperative. One of the things we forget most when traveling is getting our daily recommended amount of H2O. By bringing your water bottle with you, you can stay hydrated on-the-go. Also, staying hydrated helps prevent bloating, dry skin and dehydration while on long flights.

Hygiene products

Wipes ladies! There is nothing worse than traveling to a foreign country and not having your feminine hygiene products. We especially love all natural wipes. These keep you fresh and clean on long travel days, give you something to wipe with in countries that don't use TP, and keep your vaginal PH balance in check.

Other essentials:

Snacks like LarBars or GoMacro bars
Eye covers (for a long flight)
Facial wipes for gentle cleansing

Next time you're on an exciting adventure or traveling abroad, we hope this list has you covered.

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