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The Medicine Cabinet Series: Marghi, Founder of Addison Bay

The medicine cabinet takes on a whole new personality in all of our homes. For some, it's exactly as its advertised, suspended above the bathroom sink. For others, a pile of makeup palates on your nightstand, or bottles of supplements in your kitchen cabinet, maybe even tinted moisturizers that have found a home in the console of your car.

The Medicine Cabinet Series was created to give you a unique look at the everyday lives of a diverse group of women from around the country. Dive in for a candid approach to wellness unlike any other.


BINTO: Tell us a bit about your daily wellness routine.

I’m definitely a morning person so once my alarm goes off, I’m out of bed and ready to go. The first thing I do is drink 8-10oz. of water and get ready to workout. I love getting my workout done in the morning – I feel more energized and excited for the rest of the day. Skincare has become really important to me as I’ve gotten older (I just turned 30!) so I definitely take the time to apply my entire skin care routine morning and night. I take my BINTO supplements with breakfast, which is typically a banana and yogurt. I have also recently gotten into meditation – I use the app Headspace and I’m only up to 10 minutes a day, but loving it so far!


BINTO: What product can’t you live without?

Mario Badescu rose spray! It is the instant pick me up in the morning or on-the-go midday. I’m attracted to products that I can throw in my bag and use while I’m on the move. Personal life hack: I always have an extra BINTO pack in my bag in case I forget to take it in the morning!


BINTO: What was the defining moment when you realized you could take your health into your own hands?

My husband and I experienced fertility issues starting in late 2016 – that was the defining moment that I had to be in the driver’s seat and take care of what I was putting into my body regularly. The end goal was to get pregnant and have a healthy baby, but it really became a lifestyle change for me. I started focusing on drinking more water, taking additional supplements to put my body in the best position to get pregnant, and committing to get more rest.


BINTO: Have you seen your wellness routine evolve over the years?

Definitely. I have always been very into exercising and eating healthy, but my wellness routine has definitely evolved. I used to be extremely strict with myself – at least an hour of exercise every day and minimal carbs/watching every single thing that I ate. Now, I work out to feel good and have fun, and I eat a much more balanced diet.


BINTO: Do you use BINTO? Do you stick to your routine?

YES. I can’t stop telling people about BINTO - I’m a walking advertisement! I am very routine oriented and I don’t miss a day of taking my supplements. I love the changes that I’ve seen so far and I’m excited to continue to nuance my supplements as my body changes through various phases of life.


BINTO: Favorite supplement in your pack-Go!

The combination of the entire pack! I feel so much more confident knowing that a professional was able to curate the best assortment of supplements just for me – I have put my body through the ringer the past few years going through fertility treatments including IVF, during pregnancy, and post-baby while nursing. I’m constantly on-the-go, juggling a new baby and business, and BINTO takes this decision off of my plate by providing me with my personal health pack.


BINTO: What’s your favorite health or wellness product for your baby?

Super simple but Aquaphor! It has helped her with dry skin, cradle cap, eczema – we use it almost every day!


BINTO: How do you take your routine on the go?

My life is constantly on-the-go, so I basically have two of everything – one set at home for when I have time to get ready and one set in my bag when I’m on the move. I always carry a BINTO pack in my bag in case I forget to take my supplements in the morning. I used to pour supplements into a plastic bag and try to determine which each one was by color and shape – the BINTO packaging is so much more convenient for my life on the go!

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