The Medicine Cabinet Series: Courtney from New York, NY

The Medicine Cabinet Series: Courtney

Blogger & Youtuber from New York, NY

Check out her blog: Curls and Couture or follow her: @curlsandcouture

BINTO: What does your daily wellness routine look like?

Courtney: I’m big on skincare. First thing I do in the morning is pray, meditate and make a cup of tea, and while it’s steeping, I wash my face and put on my serums and lotions- I basically prep my skin and get ready for the day. If I want to do a mask, I’ll do it in the morning.  Then, I have my tea and prepare myself for whatever I have ahead of me. So, if I have a photoshoot I’ll do my makeup. Full body wise, I love exfoliating scrubs. If I have time on a weekend, I’ll do a bath just to really relax.


BINTO: What product can’t you live without?

Courtney: It’s has to be the Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel. I like that cleanser because it’s really gentle on my skin and doesn’t leave it feeling super dry. If for whatever reason I accidentally leave my moisturizer at home, my skin doesn’t feel overly dry if I just use that.


BINTO: Was there a defining moment when you realized you could take your health into your own hands?

Courtney: I think when I transitioned my hair from having a relaxer to being natural is when I started exploring how to keep my hair healthy and make it grow. That was where I realized I don’t have to take vitamins like One a Day, I could explore and try vitamins and natural ingredients that were better/higher quality. I began finding herbal teas and other supplements. So, there was’t really a single defining moment but my knowledge kept expanding after each new thing I incorporated.


BINTO: Have you seen your wellness routine evolve over the years?

Courtney: From my skin care to my makeup, I’ve learned a lot. In high school I didn’t know anything! I wouldn’t say I was a tomboy but I was more into athletics than makeup but high school is when I really began to explore. I was just talking to my friends about this- up until high school we weren’t even allowed to wear makeup. Even then, the most I could wear was a clear mascara, tinted lip gloss, and maybe eyeliner if my mom would let me get away with it. When I first started wearing makeup, my foundation and concealer didn’t match, and I was using the wrong type of products for my skin. Now, I am well educated on the type of products I need for my skin type, the type of makeup for my skin type even when it comes to age. Now, I can’t live without my eyelash extensions and always have my eyebrows done!

With skincare, there were a lot of things I didn’t know. I wasn’t wearing sunscreen everyday, I didn’t know anything about exfoliating, and I wasn’t using products that were effective. It’s an evolution of finding new products, and things that are better for your skin and complexion. As you get older, your needs change as well. I find myself looking at anti-aging products which I wouldn’t have before.

I terms of the overall wellness of my body, I make sure the first thing I do in the morning isn’t going over to my phone like I used to, but praying, meditating, and getting myself centered for the day both mentally and spiritually. It’s been a development through a lot of experience. I’ve learned a lot as a blogger and by meeting people and hearing about their routines- finding out ways to incorporate those things into my lifestyle. I think it’s really cool to know about other people’s wellness routines. I just had this conversation with my friend where she asked me what anti-aging products I’m using. I was like, Dermalogica and Drunk Elephant are my go-to right now. Sometimes it’s something you’ve never heard of and you’re like, “I’ve got to go check that out!”


BINTO: Do you feel like there is something you’re still searching for in your wellness journey?

Courtney: There’s always something on my mind, and I tend to carry a lot of stress in my neck, shoulders and back because of that. I’m not very good at taking time just to be by myself and in the moment. Even when I have time in my day where I can take a bath or when I’m by myself, I’m still simultaneously thinking about other things I have to do. I’m trying to find the discipline to stop thinking about other things and only thinking about what I’m doing in the moment. This is something I’m still trying to master.

When I first got my period, I never had cramps. As I got older, I started getting cramps but I was totally able to deal with them. It wasn’t until after I stopped my birth control that my cramps were insane. I’m happy knowing that there’s something out there that’s not birth control or a strong medication that can help alleviate the pain. That’s when I knew it was worth giving BINTO a try. Plus, I’m getting married soon so fertility and the health of my body is now something that’s on my mind more than ever!


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