The Medicine Cabinet Series: Frances from New York, NY

What does your daily wellness routine look like? 
This mama bear absolutely must eat breakfast and have coffee (preferably with coconut or MCT oil & Collagen peptides) to kickstart my day. My adorable tiny dictators can be quite demanding in the early hours of the morning so that's pretty essential for me. Ideally, somewhere in my day a green smoothie will appear, either store-bought or home made. While I don't follow a specific diet, I whole-heartedly believe in the power of plants and find that the more plant-based foods I eat, the better I feel. I also need to move my body daily, a long walk, some at home yoga, or a ride on my spin bike does wonders for my mental health. If my day lacks healthy food & exercise, my anxiety will without a doubt flair up.
What product can’t you live without?
I'm a big believer in high-quality supplements which is what led me to Binto. While I try my best to eat well throughout the day, I know that some days I'm not getting everything my body needs and I like to have that "nutritional insurance" by taking multi-vitamins and other supplements that I feel I may be needing more of. I also love a good greens powder and I'm really loving the Amazing Grass Detox & Digest in my green smoothies at home. I blend it with frozen banana, frozen pineapple, lemon, ginger and a handful of greens. It's refreshing and leaves me feeling energized.
Have you ever discussed supplements with a health professional or do you tend to Google things?
I'm fortunate to have many friends in the health and wellness space and so supplements are often a topic of conversation. What's nice about this is that we can share which supplements we are using, how they have helped, why we like them, etc. I have a love/hate relationship with Google. It's wonderful for research until you end up reading a random thread about Raw Apple Cider Vinegar from 2012 at 3 o'clock in the morning! Warning this trap happens to you way more when you have a baby!
What's your favorite supplement in your BINTO pack?
I like to take a qualtiy multi-vitamin everyday. I found Binto after having my children but I love that Binto offers a prenatal & fish oil.  I took both for almost a year before we had my son and I felt that it helped my body prepare for pregnancy. Also, the ritual of taking them sets the tone for the day by reminding you to take care of yourself. I love that positive "mental" side effect of taking supplements.
Was there a defining moment when you realized you could take your health into your own hands?
Prior to having my kiddos, I taught Health & Physical Education. I'll never forget my first year of teaching, I showed my students the documentary "Super Size Me"  which highlights the dangers of eating fast foods and corruption within that industry. That same year I dove head first in Omnivore's Dilemma by Michael Pollan. After that I couldn't stop reading about the connection between food, health and healing. I became a sponge for all things health and wellness and there was no turning back. My nutrition and lifestyle habits changed and my frequent headaches and bizarre skin rashes improved.  Education is empowering! In fact, I'm also a Beautycounter consultant and love educating other women about the importance of ingredient safety in personal care products.
You've got two little kids! Any wellness products for babies or toddlers that you couldn't live without?
This question is so timely as we enter germ season. Over-the-counter cold and cough medicine has been linked to dangerous side effects (so much so that they've been removed from the drug store shelves) and so I'm really thankful that I learned about elderberry syrup as a natural remedy to help boost my kids immunity. We also love the Child Life Multi-Vitamin  and have recently added their First Defense supplement to our germ-fighting fleet.
Have you seen your routine change since becoming a mom?
This question makes me laugh! Motherhood is all about routines, trying to stick to them and some days wondering what the heck happened to the routine, LOL. Long story short, yes, my routine has changed. I was able to be more selfish before my kids. Now, my kid's needs come first. While my workouts and my smoothies are important to me, my kids are most important. That being said, if I go a few days without some self care, you better believe a mom meltdown is around the corner!
Do you feel like there is something you’re still searching for in your wellness journey?
While I have my training as a teacher, I'm also a passionate student. I will always be interested in what new discoveries show up in terms of wellness. I love #nerdingout with my fellow health & wellness buddies talking about supplements, recipes, trends, fitness, etc.


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