The Medicine Cabinet Series: Michelle from New York, NY

The medicine cabinet takes on a whole new personality in all of our homes. For some, it's exactly as its advertised, suspended above the bathroom sink. For others, a pile of makeup palates on your nightstand, or bottles of supplements in your kitchen cabinet, maybe even tinted moisturizers that have found a home in the console of your car.

The Medicine Cabinet Series was created to give you a unique look at the everyday lives of a diverse group of women from around the country. Dive in for a candid approach to wellness unlike any other.


The Medicine Cabinet Series: Michelle Cady

Health Coach and Author from New York, NY

Check out her new book, Self-Care in the City!


BINTO: Tell us a bit about your daily wellness routine.

Michelle: When I wake up in the morning, I do try to take a few deep breaths before I get the day started. I have a history of adrenal fatigue, so stressing less and learning to relax has been huge part of my wellness routine overall. I spend five minutes in the bathroom brushing my teeth, using my tongue scraper, drinking 16 oz of water right away, and washing my face with just water.

One of the brands I love is Andalou Naturals, and most of the products are rated a one or a two on the Environmental Working Group’s Skin website.It’s really important for me to avoid endocrine disruptors so that way my hormones are functioning optimally. I usually use their moisturizer, makeup remover wipes, face masks, and their body lotion. The 1000 Roses line is by far my favorite because it smells really lovely and is great for sensitive skin!

I like taking BINTO with a big glass of water around two hours before I go to bed. I find it fills me up and keeps me hydrated going into the night. I think the packaging is so pretty; I tend to leave two or three packs on the counter at a time. It’s a great visual reminder to take them.


BINTO: What product can’t you live without?

Michelle: I mean, water, first of all- I’m a total water addict! If don’t have it then I get really cranky, and I do notice my skin looks dry. I used to get really bad tension headaches. If water is considered a product, then, water (laughs).

BINTO: How would you define wellness?

Michelle: I talk about the Three Parts of Healthy: one third of it is your body composition, weight, or how you look. A lot of people get into wellness for how they look in the beginning, but another third is how you feel. How are you going to feel after you eat that piece of cake vs. how you’ll feel if you eat the salad. The other third is long term health- how are you going to be twenty or thirty years from now? That’s a big motivator.


BINTO: What was the defining moment when you realized you could take your health into your own hands?

Michelle: At the beginning, acknowledging things is the biggest step. I had suspicions that I had adrenal fatigue and elevated cortisol levels for a few years during my prior career in finance. I asked my doctor about getting tested for my adrenals and cortisol, and he pretty much laughed me off. It wasn’t until a couple years later that I learned through nutrition school and becoming a health coach that I could measure these levels. I went ahead and did that, and sure enough, I had elevated cortisol levels which was hijacking the cycling of progesterone in my body so I wasn’t getting my period when I went off hormonal birth control.

Acknowledge your symptoms, do your research, or hire a health coach. Consider reading a blog like BINTO’s or watching their Instagram story; otherwise, not asking the right questions could leave you without any answers. It’s easy to go years without acknowledging your health, but the earlier you start- the better.


BINTO: What has your experience been like with BINTO?

Michelle: I started BINTO back in May, and before then, my period was every 35-40 days which I was very frustrated about. After starting BINTO, it’s been exactly every 28 days- which is insane! So, I thank you guys for that- it’s been a really good experience. I’m a health coach and I’ve been recommending it to my clients. It’s just so easy for people on the go- a lot of my clients work in finance, travel for business, or are just away on the weekends. Being able to throw a few in your bag or keep them in your suitcase has been very beneficial for them.


BINTO: Favorite supplement in your BINTO pack- GO!

Michelle: You know, I think the one I feel the most connected to is NAC. That, I think, is the one that really helped me get my period every 28 days. It made my hormones truly optimized.


BINTO: Have you seen your wellness routine evolve over the years?

Michelle: When I was suffering from adrenal fatigue, I felt the pressure to make all the changes all at once which can be really overwhelming and cause further stress on the system. What I recommend now is switching over to natural products, one-by-one. When your Windex runs out, switch to a more natural glass cleaner. When your face lotion is out, find something brand new. I’m not quite there yet myself, I still can’t find a good natural deodorant and I’m hooked on my mascara that’s probably filled with chemicals! So, definitely go at your own pace.


BINTO: Do you feel like there is something you’re still searching for in your wellness journey?

Michelle: I don’t meditate yet, I think eventually I’ll learn to do this. Right now I prefer to go for walks or go to yoga classes. The next frontier is, I am 32 years old, and I’m interested in fertility and having a baby sometime. I think I’m going to learn so much about different avenues of wellness when I get to that stage in my life. I’m excited I found BINTO because I know your team will support me through that, too.



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