The Medicine Cabinet Series: Natalie from Houston, TX

The Medicine Cabinet Series: Natalie

Lawyer and mom-to-be from Houston, TX


BINTO: What does your daily wellness routine look like?

Natalie: At 32 weeks pregnant, my daily wellness routine is a modified version of my “regular” routine. I still work out early in the morning before work – usually a spin class (even if at this point I resemble an adult riding a toddler’s tricycle).  I also still have a coffee every morning – always with some Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides mixed to help my hair/skin/nails, digestion, and joint health.

I use different sets of products in the morning and at night – what my husband has dubbed “lotions and potions” time. I always start with Skinceuticals C E Ferulic and Metacell Renewal B3. I also use Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentre before putting on make up and finish with Super Goop SPF Setting Mist. At the end of the day I wash my face with Tata Harper Regenerating Cleanser before putting on La Roche-Posay Redermic C and finishing with some Vintner’s Daughter serum.

The bump also gets special treatment: in the morning I use Mama Mio Tummy Rub butter and Pregnancy Boob Tube to moisturize my expanding body and prevent stretch marks, and at night I use Shiffa pregnancy body oil to condition my skin. Before going to bed I take my BINTO vitamins and supplements and drink lots of water.


BINTO: What product can’t you live without?

Natalie: I really love Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum – it’s my favorite face oil I’ve used to date.


BINTO: Have you ever discussed supplements with a health professional or do you tend to Google things?

Natalie: Even though I don’t recommend it, I often catch myself stuck in a Google-induced black hole (do as I say, not as I do). But I would say my most “informed” supplement purchases have come as a result of discussing with my sister Caroline, who is a registered nurse and my best friend Kristi, who is skincare-obsessed and has become my go-to for all such products.


BINTO: Do you use BINTO? Do you stick to your routine?

Natalie: Yes! I remember ordering my first BINTO pack a few days after I found out I was pregnant. There were so many prenatal vitamin options that I got overwhelmed and I figured let me start with one and see how it goes – thankfully BINTO worked wonderfully. I’m lucky to have had an easy pregnancy thus far – I haven’t been sick and have felt great overall, and I can only assume BINTO deserves some credit for that. The monthly delivery and daily packaging are so convenient and easy – I now recommend it to everyone.


BINTO: What's your favorite supplement in your BINTO pack?

Natalie: Besides the prenatals that are keeping baby healthy and happy, I love the probiotic. I’ve been having to take iron supplements for my pregnancy-related anemia, and the probiotic has kept my digestive health intact.


BINTO: Was there a defining moment when you realized you could take your health into your own hands?

Natalie: Yes – it was that moment all young women experience at one time or another, when they either look in the mirror or at a photo of themselves and think, “wait WHY do I look so old?!”. It could be that wrinkle that only you notice or the bags under your eyes looking heavier than usual – but it’s usually enough to kickstart a skincare routine.

As for my physical health – that really developed in law school, when I began to rely on exercise as a stress-reducing and endorphin-supplying mechanism. Now as a practicing lawyer (who mostly sits in front of a computer screen all day), I really value the importance of working out and getting enough sleep for my energy and overall happiness.


BINTO: You've got a baby on the way! Any wellness products for babies you're excited to try?

Natalie: Yay! I love the way the Mustela products smell, so I’m excited to use those. Also any good Cuban will tell you that an essential part of caring for a baby is making sure he/she is always wearing Agua de Violetas, a subtle violet-scented baby cologne, and I intend to carry on the tradition in Texas.


BINTO: Have you seen your wellness routine evolve throughout your pregnancy?

Natalie: Definitely. My retinol cream is gathering dust and body creams are now equally important to face creams. I’m also more in tune with my body now, as I can’t really ignore any change in how I’m feeling since everything is related to the baby. So whether that means avoiding certain foods, slowing my pace during a physical activity, or knowing when it’s time to treat yourself to another prenatal massage (preggo perks!) – I am listening to my body more than ever before. Oh, and being sober for the last eight months has also certainly been a change in my wellness routine!


BINTO: Do you feel like there is something you’re still searching for in your wellness journey?

Natalie: Not as much searching for, as anticipating. I’ve had to adjust my wellness journey with this new stage of life (pregnancy), and I’m sure I’ll have to do the same with what’s coming (motherhood). I’m sure there will be a new host of challenges, products, and triumphs that I will experience in a couple of months and I’m both excited and scared to see what those are.


Photography by: Gaby Mencio 


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