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Nurse Suzie’s Postpartum Must-Haves for Mom and Baby

Nurse Suzie’s Postpartum Must-Haves for Mom and Baby


My postpartum and new parent must-haves for mom and baby

Before launching Binto in 2016, and before working as a fertility and IVF nurse coordinator, I worked on a postpartum and well-baby nursery unit. I LOVED it! There’s nothing more special than helping a family welcome their new baby into the world or help a new mom learn to breastfeed. There’s total a lack of postpartum education for parents and there are a lot of things you will find helpful and a lot of things that just aren’t helpful.

Here are a few of my favorite tips, tricks, and items for surviving the first few weeks and months postpartum:



  • Get your car seat early and make sure you know how to adjust the straps before giving birth. 
  • Have meals planned and prepped for the first 3-4 weeks postpartum and make sure you have lots of snacks available like nutrition bars, oatmeal, smoothies, veggies and hummus. You will need protein. 
  • Have some nursing bras and tank tops already at home. You will want these! 
  • If you have time, make sure you put old sheets on your bed and save your nice ones. You will be sweating and leaking and bleeding. Enough said! 
  • Set up a nursing cart or station in your family room or living room. It is good to be out in a common area instead of just in our bedroom or the nursery. 
  • Have a little diaper bag packed before you give birth to make that first pediatricians visit a little easier. One less thing to worry about. 
  • Know what friend/family member to have on speed dial when you need them. Trust me! 
  • If you plan to breastfeed find a lactation consultant you love before giving birth. It helps! 



  • Honey pot postpartum pads
  • Nipple shields 
  • Take home ALL the postpartum goodies from the hospital
  • Some newborn clothes (I had none and we needed this size) 
  • Binto Milkmaid gummies, lactation teas, oatmeal cookies
  • Nursing bras/tanks
  • A pump (hand pump too) 
  • Formula - different kinds to try if you need 
  • Diapers (for you and baby) 
  • Ice packs and cabbage (for your boobs) 
  • Baby carrier for around the house 
  • A safe place to put baby like a dock-a-tot
  • A sound machine ( I love the Hatch one) 
  • Moms on Call book - this was a lifesaver and I genuinely believe babies need a schedule. 
  • Swaddles (tight ones) 
  • Food and snacks
  • Water bottles to leave around the house 
  • A nursing/pump station/cart

Overall, find your support system and lock it down before you deliver. Make sure you have food available in your house and take all the postpartum supplies home from the hospital. If you’re looking for more tips on planning for postpartum, check out our downloadable eBook here!


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