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How to Make Resolutions You Actually Stick To

How to Make Resolutions You Actually Stick To


As we approach the end of another year and the beginning of a new decade, no doubt you are starting to think about goals for the upcoming year and beyond. However, a Forbes article stated that less than 25% of people stay committed to their resolutions after 30 days, and only 8% actually accomplish them. Psychology Today indicated that one of the biggest reasons people abandon their New Year’s resolutions is because their goals are not clear. People often set large, lofty, aspirational goals that are so vague they almost set you up for failure. 


So, how to set goals for 2020 that you will actually be able to keep? We’re here to help you kick off the new decade with success by breaking down some of the most common New Year’s resolutions into more bite-sized pieces, making it easier to achieve your goals.


Instead of “exercise more”...

This year is the year you will actually use that expensive gym membership you pay for, right? If you aren’t confident in your ability to form a new friendship with the treadmill, consider these smaller lifestyle adjustments that will be easier to stick to and will help you keep active.

  1. Take the stairs. Instead of waiting for an overpacked elevator, take the stairs. It’s an easy switch to make and may even save you time!
  2. Try something new. If you would rather watch paint dry than slog your way to the gym, try mixing it up and trying a new activity. Whether it’s rock climbing, hiking, swimming, or boxing, mixing up your routine will keep things exciting and make your commitment to exercise fun!
  3. Walk! You’ll get where you need to go and save on your Uber or transportation costs. Plus, it’s a great way to get your body moving and work in some extra cardio.

Adopt a “just one more” mentality. Encourage yourself to keep doing what you’re doing. Whether it’s one more crunch, one more mile, or one more step, pushing yourself little by little is key to accomplishing any kind of fitness goal. Remember not to get stuck in a rut. If you usually do 15 reps, today do 16, or even 20.


Instead of “get more sleep”...

Getting more sleep can be a daunting goal to accomplish because it often seems to require big changes to your lifestyle. However, it is easy to make small steps that will improve your sleep hygiene and get you closer to those nightly 8+ hours of beauty rest. 

  1. Reduce your screen time before bed. Studies show that screen use can be directly linked to difficulty falling asleep. Make an effort to put away all your devices for at least an hour before you go to sleep. This small step will help you make big strides in the right direction.
  2. Take time to decompress. With screens put away, take a moment to relax before you try to fall asleep. Studies show that practicing mindfulness and meditation are proven to improve sleep quality and make it easier to fall asleep. You can also try our Binto Glow Down calming magnesium drink mix before you go to bed for a stress relieving sleep aid.
  3. Take melatonin before you fall asleep. Melatonin is a natural hormone secreted by the brain to help control your daily sleep cycle. Sold commercially, studies show that taking melatonin before you go to bed can help induce drowsiness and sleep, and also lessen disturbances in sleep often associated with old age. 

Take more baths. One study found that after taking a warm bath, women exhibited greater sleepiness at bedtime and improved sleep quality. Take 20-30 minutes to soak in the tub and you are bound to see an improvement in your sleep


Instead of “eat better”...

All those holiday cookies and cheese plates might have you promising yourself to recommit to healthy eating. If you’ve been unsuccessful in the past it can be challenging to figure out where to start. However, there are a couple smaller changes you can make that will set you on the path to success.

  1. Cut down on your sugar intake. The negative effects of sugar on the body are widely known. In fact, the results of some studies show that people can actually become addicted to sugar. Reducing sugar intake will lower your risk of heart disease, obesity, and diabetes. So, have seltzer water instead of soda. Switch to whole wheat pasta and bread. Have some fresh fruit instead of ice cream for dessert. 
  2. Drink more water. It will help your skin, it will help your energy levels, it can even improve your attention and memory.
  3. Put veggies on your plate first. Interestingly, research indicates that when vegetables are served first in a buffet, people are nudged to fill their plates with those first and thus tend to take less unhealthy food. This new year, try some reverse psychology on yourself. Making an effort to put vegetables on your plate first will help you reduce your consumption of unhealthy food because there simply won’t be enough room for it. 
  4. Start your Binto routine! While a healthy diet is key, most women do not get all the vitamins they need from food alone. In the spirit of commiting to your best self, make sure you are getting all the supplements you need in 2020. Take our survey to get your personalized supplement plan with only the products you need and nothing you don’t, as well as access to a registered nurse to help you tailor your plan to your needs. Our packaging separates out the dosage for each day, making it easy to stick to your vitamin routine and to get your supplements on the go. 


Instead of “manage money better”...

The spending frenzy of the last few months of the year can leave many a credit card bill worse for wear. However, digging yourself out of a financial hole is no easy task. While it may not be feasible for you to cut all unnecessary spending and save every single extra penny you earn, there are ways to reduce your day to day costs and expenditures for the better. 

  1. Cook at home more. Forbes found that on average it is almost five times more expensive to order from a restaurant or eat out than it is to cook at home. Cutting down on ordering in is an easy way to rein in your spending. If you aren’t sure where to start, look to apps like Tasty or Goodful, which are full of beginner-friendly one-pan meals that take under 30 minutes to make. Their meal prep sections are also helpful for helping you avoid yet another Postmates charge because you simply don’t feel like cooking. 
  2. Sell things you don’t need. If you are finding yourself short of cash for the things you want to buy, take a look at what you already have. Odds are there is a pair of shoes you don’t wear or an automatic mixer you have never used that could use a new home. Try sites like Poshmark, the RealReal, Facebook Marketplace, or EBay to offload some extra o
  3. Get financially literate. Never a better time than the present! If you weren’t paying attention in your last personal finance course or you’ve never had the opportunity to take one, now is the time. dds and ends you have on hand that you don’t use anymore and make money doing it. A simple Google search reveals a wide range of options available online. If you are not sure where to start, Forbes posted a list of five free personal finance classes they believe everyone should take. If you are at a loss when it comes to IRAs or have no idea where to begin when it comes to making a budget, start there. 


The beginning of a new year is a great time to make a commitment to bettering yourself. Hopefully, these tips will help you set goals that are manageable and that you can stick to. May 2020 bring you health and happiness!


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