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Surprising Facts About Sperm

Surprising Facts About Sperm

Although we at Binto are all about women's health, men play a major part in reproduction. Duh! We need sperm to fertilize an egg to create an embryo. That embryo will implant and become a fetus. However, there's a lot more to sperm than just fertilizing an egg. Check out these interesting facts about sperm here:

Sperm have a crazy long lifespan!

Sperm, or semen, can live up to 5 days inside the female body (the vaginal canal and tubes). This is helpful when planning for pregnancy, but also good to know if you're trying to avoid conception.
Although it lives for a few days, it takes about 2 months to make sperm. Crazy!

Sperm health matters!

Healthy sperm will eventually fertilize an egg. In order to keep, and maintain good sperm health, it's important for men to climax regularly and avoid certain foods/environmental hazards.

Foods to avoid include excess coffee, alcohol,
and you should avoid smoking, steroids, saunas/hot tubes and excess weight.

They have superpowers!

Sperm can penetrate the hard surface of the egg (the zona) by releasing enzymes. These enzymes help the sperm get through the zona layer to implant its head. It then sheds it's tail and fertilizes the egg to make an embryo.

Sperm - they're nutrient dense!

That's right! Sperm are rich in nutrients like vitamin B12, zinc and calcium.

Who would have guessed there are so many interesting and crazy facts about sperm? Now you're in the know!

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