Health providers at your fingertips.

From the comfort of your home (or office, or car).

Health providers at your fingertips.

From the comfort of your home (or office, or car).

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Health & Wellness

Have a question about your hormones or overall health? We can help you triage some of those hard to answer questions. We'll also tell you how supplements can support your needs and use this time to update your Binto account!

Nutrition & Lifestyle

Learn how certain lifestyle changes support a healthy foundation. We will help you understand how your body works and provide you with customized diet tips and changes you can implement into your daily routine.

Fertility, Pregnancy & Postpartum

Whether you're TTC, currently pregnant or postpartum, we will help you feel prepared every step of the way, from knowing your options and preparing for doctor's appointments to at-home prep and your Binto supplements.

Lactation & Feeding

Struggling through the breastfeeding process or unsure where to start? Schedule a consult with our certified lactation consultant to determine the best feeding plan for you, and feel empowered for the journey ahead.

Our providers can't wait to (virtually) meet you!

Our providers can't wait to (virtually) meet you!

"Suzie, I can't thank you enough for the time you took to listen to my story today, because as I mentioned, it's so personal and not a topic most people understand. You truly have a gift." 


"I think sometimes women are afraid to say they are struggling - it feels really GOOD to talk about this and figure it out in a safe forum. You are so approachable, honest and kind. Thank you for educating women and making this easier."


“I felt more comfortable with you (Binto), on this video chat, then I've ever felt in my own doctor's office"


Meet Your Binto Health Providers

Andi Schmerin, PA-C

Accepting new patients!

Andi feels strongly about educating women in their bodies and hopes to be a helpful resource to BINTO customers on everything from period support through menopause. Her background is largely in primary gynecological care (PAPs, STIs, birth control, etc.) and she has also spent time in a fertility office working with patients undergoing fertility treatments. Andi has been practicing in women's health since graduating from Drexel University in 2016. Andi is the proud mom of two "BINTO babies" and in her spare time loves being able to cheer for her Philadelphia sports teams.

Bridget Brennan, RN, BSN

Accepting new patients!

Bridget is passionate about empowering women to help them make fertility choices today to allow them to have the best fertility options tomorrow. A graduate from Villanova University, Bridget is happy to have found her calling in life ― being a fertility nurse. Bridget works at Main Line Fertility, and when she's not working, you'll find her at home with her little ones who she's blessed to have via fertility treatments.

Carlyn Rosenblum, RD

Accepting new patients!

Carlyn believes that feeling your best starts with good nutrition ― but also involves how you think, live and show up for yourself physically and emotionally. Many women today feel out of sync with their bodies ― especially when it comes to fertility. Carlyn works to help you uncover the hidden obstacles keeping you from feeling your best and teaches you how to listen and honor your body by focusing on what healthy means to you. Carlyn received her Master's Degree in Nutrition from NYU and her CLC certification from the Healthy Children's Project. Carlyn is also the Founder and CEO of MTHR Nutrition, a concierge nutrition counseling service for women, where she dedicates her work to supporting women during the preconception, prenatal and postpartum periods, which can often be a confusing and complicated time for nutrition. 

Kate Turner, RD

Accepting new patients!

Kate is dedicated to helping people find balance in their life. She will teach you to focus on food components and movement that will fuel your body and metabolism for the long-term. It's learning the how and why that are the real secrets to changing your behaviors and achieving your goals. We will also work on your mindset surrounding food, nutrition and self, to get you feeling your best. Kate is a registered dietitian, personal trainer and founder of LIVE WELL With Kate, where she provides telehealth wellness coaching. She has over 7 years of experience in the field of nutrition as a private consultant, wellness director, educator and public speaker.

Alison Ahern, RN, BSN, IBCLC

Accepting new patients!

Alison is passionate about supporting those preparing for and beginning their journeys as new parents. Alison began her career as a nurse on the postpartum/antepartum unit at Einstein Medical Center and also worked as an outpatient nurse at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. She graduated with her BSN from Villanova University, and later became an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant after discovering an overwhelming need to support parents through lactation. Alison is the Founder of Nestled, which she established to help parents develop judgment-free, individualized feeding plans based based on evidence-based lactation education.