Health providers at your finger-tips

Get access to women's health professionals and providers from the comfort of your home (or office, or car). We're here to support your wellness, and answer some of those hard-to-answer questions.

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Providers for all your health needs

Gain video chat access to licensed women's health professionals for any stage.

With our NP and PAs $35

Health Consults

Have a question about hormones, or anything health related? We can help you triage some of those hard to answer questions. We'll also tell you how Binto OTC supplements can support your health!

With Fertility Specialists $35

Fertility Consults

Our fertility nurse specialists work with you on a fertility plan, answer your questions about trying to conceive, about IVF and about managing your care. We will also help you with a customized Binto plan!

Starting at $80


Struggling through the breastfeeding process? Schedule a video consult with one of our certified lactation specialists. We're here for you every step of the way!

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Starting at $80

Nutrition Consults

Learn how certain lifestyle changes support a healthy foundation. We will give you customized diet tips and changes to implement in your daily life.

Payment is collected at the time of your consult via major credit card through secure payment platform, Stripe.

"Suzie, I can't thank you enough for the time you took to listen to my story today, because as I mentioned, it's so personal and not a topic most people understand. You truly have a gift." 


"I think sometimes women are afraid to say they are struggling - it feels really GOOD to talk about this and figure it out in a safe forum. You are so approachable, honest and kind. Thank you for educating women and making this easier."


“I felt more comfortable with you (Binto), on this video chat, then I've ever felt in my own doctor's office"


The future of women's health

You have questions, we're here to help.

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Set-up a time to talk with one of our providers that fits with your schedule, not the other way around.


Choose your provider! We have PAs, NPs, Registered Dietitians, Lactation Consultants and more.


Attainable pricing, so you can afford to chat with a provider. Built with you in mind!

Consults are not meant to diagnose or treat.