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Childbirth Education Course

Join us for this evidence-based childbirth class!

How To Feed My Baby 101

Learn everything about infant feeding in this all-inclusive course!

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Folate V. Folic Acid

Our founder, Nurse Suzie, explains the difference between folate and folic acid.

Postpartum Tips and Perineal Care:

Nurse Suzie provides tips for perineal care postpartum for home and at the hospital.

Supplements for Hormone Balance

Check out this video and learn about the best supplements for hormone balance!

How to Pack your Hospital Bag

Watch this: tips and tricks from team Binto of how to pack your bag for the hospital!

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Did you know that 50% of counties in the U.S. do not have a single OBGYN?

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The future of women's health is here. We look beyond the prescription, in fact, we start with the basics of getting to know you and your body's needs. Personalized supplements and access to providers is the best first option. Learn more and connect with one of our many women's health providers at Binto.