Meet BINTO's Starter Kits

The perfect way to get started on a supplement routine (without having to search the vitamin aisle yourself).

BINTO 3-in-1

Bloom Prenatal Kit

Essential nutrients needed to support a healthy pregnancy, including Binto's prenatal.

BINTO 2-in-1

Glow Getter

Period vitamin packets are designed to support hormonal balance and gut health.

BINTO 3-in-1

Survival Kit

Daily vitamin packets formulated for women in perimenopause to support gut health & hot flash relief.

Get a 30-day supply for $43

Frequently asked questions


What is a starter kit?

A starter kit is a great way to get introduced to BINTO and experience the benefits of a daily supplement routine. Just think of this as our baseline recommendation for what women should be taking daily during certain stages in life.

All of BINTO's products are made for women by real, licensed women's health professionals, so you can trust that you're getting good-for-you ingredients that will actually make a difference in your body and your health. Our packaging always makes it easy to get your daily dose of goodness while on-the-go.


Can I buy it for someone else? 

Yes! 'Tis the season for endless online searches to find the perfect gift for the ladies in your life. Unlike our subscription, which we personalize based on individual survey results, the starter kit is the perfect way to treat your friends and family to a BINTO routine. We've got you covered with three options for starter kits, depending on their health needs.


Is there a way to personalize the starter kit?

When you're ready for a more personalized experience, take the BINTO survey or message us to help you set up your monthly subscription. Don't worry about buying a new pack each month - we'll automatically renew your kit and deliver it right to your doorstep.