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Celebrating Nurses Week! Featuring: Suzie Devine, RN, MSN, CEO + Founder of Binto

Celebrating Nurses Week! Featuring: Suzie Devine, RN, MSN, CEO + Founder of Binto

Nurses are the foundation of Binto's "why." Nurses carry us through so much of our lives with so little recognition—at every appointment, emergency, vaccine, they are holding our hands. We thank our nurses for their strength, compassion, charisma and sacrifices in taking care of patients. So what better way to honor National Nurses Week than with a daily feature of some of our favorites? Read on. 


Suzie Devine, RN, MSN, CEO + Founder of Binto

What inspired you to become a nurse? After visiting Africa - Malawi - for a mission trip when I was 16, I learned how critical women's health and global public health is to our economy. I knew that Nursing School would be an excellent launching pad for a career in healthcare.

What are some of the most challenging situations you have faced as a nurse and how did you overcome them? One of the biggest issues facing nursing, to me, is a lack of support for our greater health systems - whether it's staffing or lack of supplies. Nurses are the front line of our health system, but our health institutions fail to support their nurses adequately, and this is primarily why I left to start Binto. To create a better work environment. Outside of larger issues, I faced many challenges like learning how to prioritize patient care and working with patients from all different backgrounds. I loved these challenges because nursing forces you to think outside the box and learn how to think fast and make clear decisions.

Can you share a story about a patient you helped to make a significant improvement in their health? I supported countless patients during my time at the bedside as a postpartum and NICU nurse - but I think my greatest impact came when working as a fertility and IVF nurse. While the impact was not necessarily improving someone's health, being able to support them in becoming parents was and is a truly magical experience.

How do you balance the emotional demands of nursing when you were in a clinical setting and now with running a health business with your own well-being and self-care? During nursing I found yoga. At the time, my daily yoga practice really served me in keeping my mind and body healthy. Over time, I learned not to bring my patient care home with me. Now with running a business, it's a little harder to separate because this business is my first baby! Some of my goals for 2023: focus on positivity, set realistic goals for myself and my team, and remember that life doesn't happen to you it happens for you. Self-care comes in the form of daily walks, good food, and time with my family!

What advice would you give to someone who is considering becoming a nurse? Make sure you are comfortable with patient care and that you like dealing with people. A lot of this isn't just skills or knowledge-based, but in clinical settings, you need to be good with people.

What do you love about Binto? I love that I can set my own rules! I can support thousands of people in their health and wellness journeys, but I also get my hands into the business side of healthcare which is a love of mine. The creativity, the problem-solving, the people, the products, and the flexibility it affords!


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