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Why Folate is Every Woman's Essential Mineral

Why Folate is Every Woman's Essential Mineral

Folate is one of the essentials that all women need in their daily vitamin. You might also know folate better as folic acid. Folic acid is the name for folate when it's found in vitamins, supplements, and some food. However, (6S)-5- methylfolate is the natural form. So why is folate an essential? And where can you get the recommended 400 mcg of folate daily? Let's look a little deeper.


What Folate Does For You

Everyone needs folate in their diet, whether it be through supplements or food. This is because folate is one of the main players in helping our bodies create red blood cells. Creating new red blood cells is important for oxygen flow throughout the body. Not getting enough folate can sometimes lead to anemia. But for women, there is another important reason you need folate.



Folate for Women

The number one reason the CDC recommends every women get 400mcg of folate a day is because folate plays a large role in preventing birth defects in unborn babies (1). Now, you may be saying, this doesn't apply to me because I am not pregnant and don't plan to be. In fact, nearly 50% of all pregnancies are unplanned (2). Therefore, every women needs to get their daily dose of folate even if they aren't actively trying to get pregnant.

Getting folate through food and supplements can help prevent multiple birth defects such as:

  • Neural tube defects (which can affect the baby's spine and brain)
  • Heart problems in the baby
  • Preterm delivery


Folate Foods

There are two main ways to get folate through the foods you eat. The first would be to eat foods that have folate naturally occurring in them. The second, is to eat foods that have folic acid added to them.


Foods with high levels of folate: (3)

  • Leafy greens and other vegetables
  • Fruits (especially oranges)
  • Nuts and Beans
  • Whole Garins

Foods with folic acid added: (4)

  • Cereals
  • Breads
  • Pastas


Oftentimes, your diet may not get you the recommended daily dose of folate. That's why here at Binto we have created a daily vitamin to help fill those folate gaps. When you sign up for one of our subscriptions, you'll get matched with your daily vitamins. And, if you're pregnant, we have got you covered by including folate in your daily prenatal vitamin.


Interested in getting started with Binto? Take the quiz and see what you get matched with!





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