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Is Your Body Actually Absorbing Vitamins?

Is Your Body Actually Absorbing Vitamins?

Sorting through the “junk-mail” equivalents of the wellness world.

You decide it’s time to up your wellness game, so you finally invest in vitamins and supplements. Your routine is set, you’ve been taking the ones shaped like little fruits, but you don’t really feel any different. This is disappointing because those bottles are actually pretty expensive and have you SEEN how much sugar they contain?

I was annoyed that adult gummies were failing me, so bit the bullet and Googled what exactly was in these products. Were they doing their job or I was paying mad money for a glorified fruit snack?


BREAKING: You’re Peeing Out Your Vitamins

Spoiler alert: they were junk.

For a lot of us, this is the sad truth. Some of these supplements (not just the gummies!) are so over-packed with vitamins we’re already getting from our diet that they’re simply disposed from the body. Ever wonder why your urine is neon yellow even if you're well hydrated? That’s the product of excess vitamins- especially riboflavin which is fluorescent in color (1). Companies also like to add all this extra stuff women don't need on a daily basis. If you’re already getting it in your everyday diet and there isn’t a correlation between additional amounts of it and improved health, why over-do it? Again, your body is just going to have to dispose of it. AND THE FILLERS. The fillers.


Chelated Minerals: Overhyped or Legitimate?

Ever look at your supplement label and see terms like “chelated iron” or “chelated zinc”? That means these minerals have undergone chelation, where they have been combined with amino acids and peptides. With continuous research in the world of biochemistry, we’re starting to see how chelates might be more beneficial than those that haven't undergone chelation(2).

  • Certain amino acids protect chelates from reacting with other elements before arriving at the gut’s absorption site
  • Chelates can be escorted through the absorption site in your intestine, which makes the process quicker
  • Some chelates have a greater bioavailability (that’s the portion of substance that enters circulation and can have an active effect on the body) than others. Researchers are continuously working to distinguish which are absorbed better than others.

Why BINTO stands out:

The whole point of supplements is that they're being absorbed, and actively working in your body. BINTO's board of scientists and health professionals formulate supplements based on recommended vitamin & mineral intake for women from resources like the Centers for Diseases Control, American Society of Registered Nurses, and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. All minerals used have undergone chelation to allow optimal bioavailability. Every step our supplements undergo- from their conception to their creation in our green lab- is intentional and meant to formulate the safest, most effective product possible. Finally, a win for women's wellness.




2.Ashemead, H. DeWayne. Amino Acid Chelation in Human and Animal Nutrition, CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, Boca Raton, Florida; 2012.


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