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Balancing Female Hormone Levels Naturally

Balancing Female Hormone Levels Naturally

Feeling imbalanced lately? BINTO's supplements are designed to help your body effectively manage hormone levels. We're all about healthy here- so our team of medical professionals makes sure our products are safe, non-GMO, organic, and manufactured in a green facility.

Hormones: everybody's got 'em, but for women especially, it seems like they're constantly fluctuating. As soon as you think you're feeling zen, PMS kicks in and all of the sudden you're sobbing uncontrollably over those ASPCA ads featuring Sarah McLachlan and lots of sad puppies (or is that just a me problem?).

Hormones & Sex Hormones

A hormone is basically a chemical produced by an organism to stimulate specific cells or tissues. Sex hormones work a bit differently in that they impact the development of secondary sex characteristics and the growth or function of reproductive organs. You'll recognize the words testosterone and estrogen. These types of hormones are produced by the testes, ovaries, or adrenal cortex.

Hormones Prominent in Women


This hormone helps a girl develop into an adult during puberty. Once this process is complete, estrogen helps control the menstrual cycle, protects bone health, and controls cholesterol. It is also super important to fertility!


This hormone is one of the progestogen steroid hormones. After ovulation, it is secreted by a temporary endocrine gland in the female body.

Natural Ways to Balance Your Hormones

Track Your Symptoms

Knowing which symptoms are recurring will help you figure what needs to be treated. If you decide to take the BINTO Quiz to get started with our subscription, sharing your symptoms will help us customize the products to your specific needs!

Many women experience the following symptoms: hot flashes, mood swings, irregular cycles, low sex drive, weight gain, migraines, or difficulty sleeping

Natural Treatments

  • Take aprobiotic
  • Don't forget your B vitamins
  • Exercise and eliminate caffeine from your diet
  • Avoid herbal supplements and products containing soy- they can have an estrogenic effect on your body
  • Eat at balanced diet (healthy fats, proteins, carbs, etc.)




Congratulations! Your order qualifies for free shipping ☀️SUMMER SEMI-ANNUAL SALE☀️ USE CODE SPLASH30 for 30% OFF. *this weekend only.
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