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5 Ways to Improve Your Sleep During Pregnancy

5 Ways to Improve Your Sleep During Pregnancy

By Rebecca Alston

Simple Ways to Improve Your Sleep During Pregnancy 

Pregnancy is both a beautiful thing and a test for the mother. We’ve all heard about nausea and morning sickness, but being pregnant does way more than that. With a tiny human developing in your body, your sleep schedule will be all over the place. 

In the first trimester, you’ll want to sleep more and take naps throughout the day. This normalizes a bit as you move into the second trimester, but problems like backaches and sudden weight gain can make it really hard for you to fall asleep during the last trimester. 

In each of these stages, there are certain steps you can take and things you can do to make sure you get the best sleep you possibly can. Keep reading to find out more about them! 

Sleep Position Matters 

With your whole body aching and laboring during the pregnancy, the last thing you need to do is sleep the wrong way and make it even worse. 

Sleeping on your side is one of the most popular and best sleeping positions - both when you are and aren’t pregnant. The benefits range from better spine alignment and support, avoiding sore muscles, and even improved digestion. Be careful though! If you’re not using the right mattress for yourself, all the twisting and turning in the world can’t help you sleep right. This is why you should consider getting a  mattress specifically designed for side sleepers that will provide the right amount of support and comfort.

Use a Maternity Pillow 

Your body might need more support than a mattress and your regular pillow can provide, which is why you might want to look into buying a maternity pillow

They’ll make you feel like you’re cuddled in a soft marshmallow and help you sleep without putting strain on your belly, back, or legs - which will help you wake up refreshed and active every morning. 

Don’t Drink Too Much Water Before Bed 

One of the biggest problems women face in the last stages of their pregnancy is frequent urination. You need to pee more often than usual, and sometimes this can come in the way of you getting a peaceful night’s rest. 

While you need a lot of water throughout the day, it might be a good idea to avoid drinking too much at night. If you fail to do this, you’ll need to wake up multiple times during the night and might have trouble falling back asleep. 

Stay Active 

It may come as a surprise, but staying active and walking more actually help with leg cramps - one of the many things that might keep you up at night during your pregnancy. 

You don’t have to keep up with your pre-pregnancy workout routines or go for a run every evening. Light workouts like a simple walk or some yoga can help you stay active and make your leg cramps feel better, giving you the chance to sleep peacefully at night. 

Be Careful What You Eat 

Things like heartburn and acidity can come to haunt you a lot when you’re pregnant, and eating too much sugar or caffeinated foods late in the evening can keep the baby active and kicking all night. None of these are things you want or need, which is why it might be a good idea to watch what you eat - especially close to bedtime. 

Avoid eating sweet and caffeinated stuff, or eating heavy dinners. You can also keep your head elevated if you experience issues with heartburn. 

At the end of the day, sleeping well during pregnancy might just come down to a lot of trial and error, and then figuring out what works for you. And if you feel like you’re not getting enough sleep at night, don’t hesitate to take naps and give your body the rest it needs. 

Get a better sleep while pregnant with Binto

There’s no way around it, pregnancy can be uncomfortable. Thankfully, there are many options to enhance our sleep quantity and quality of sleep. One of them is using natural vitamins and supplements. At Binto, we created a highly effective prenatal supplement kit as well as The Glow Down, a magnesium powder drink that is safe for pregnancy and will help you drift to sleep. If you’d like to learn more, please contact our team of experts at any convenient time or take your personalized quiz.

Rebecca Alston is a mother, full-time wife, and a foodie! Mamas Like Me, her personal blog, is made with love.


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