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A Guide to Your Best Pregnancy: Third Trimester

A Guide to Your Best Pregnancy: Third Trimester

BINTO's prenatal is built to fully support your baby's development, help fill the gaps you might be missing in your diet, and to make you feel like your best self!

Welcome to part three of our series, and cue "The Final Countdown" on Spotify because you're in the final trimester! With only a handful of weeks left, you might find the physical results of pregnancy to be a bit uncomfortable, but you've got all the excitement to help push you through. Get that nursery decorated- you've got a new member of the family on the way!


Make sure you're getting a lot of protein and healthy fats in your diet (1)

Vitamin B12 & Omega 3 Fatty Acid: these help produce the energy your body needs

Vitamin K: eating foods with vitamin K may help with your baby's blood clotting ability (research still needs to be conducted), though they will receive an injection of vitamin K when born

Tips for Your Final Trimester

  • Prepare a safe place for your baby to sleep
  • Take any extra classes on labor or parenting that you have been curious about
  • If you plan on breastfeeding, learn about the process
  • Do you want a natural birth? Or would you prefer medication to dull labor pains?
  • Figure out big decisions like deciding if your son will be circumcised, or whether or not your baby will have a religious ceremony (baptism, etc.)
  • Start monitoring your baby's movements and talking to him or her

OB Appointments

  1. You will have a prenatal check up every 2 weeks up until the 36th week (2)
  2. After the 36th week, you will have a weekly check up with your provider (2)

Possible tests may include:

Pelvic Exam: to see if your cervix is dilating (2)

GBS or Group B Strep: though this is harmless in the genital and digestive track of an adult, it can make a baby- born vaginally- ill

If you have a high risk pregnancy, health problem, or your baby is overdue then further tests may be conducted.


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