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A Guide to Your Best Pregnancy: First Trimester

A Guide to Your Best Pregnancy: First Trimester

BINTO's prenatal is built to fully support your baby's development, help fill the gaps you might be missing in your diet, and to make you feel like your best self!

Congratulations- you're having a baby (or maybe even multiple)! This can be such an exciting time, knowing you're bringing life into the world and that you'll soon get to meet a mini part of yourself. It can also be super overwhelming- and we totally get that. We want to make this as relaxing as possible for you, so here are Nurse Suzie' s recommendations for a smooth first trimester.


Essential nutrients (1):

Folate: for your baby's developing nervous system

Iron: helps your blood transport oxygen around your body

B Vitamins: for easing nausea


  • Stay hydrated! Now that you are growing a human inside of you, extra water throughout the day is a necessity
  • Eat small, frequent meals throughout the day. This helps relieve morning sickness
  • Avoid fish high in mercury
  • Avoid unpasteurized, soft cheeses
  • You can still enjoy one 8 oz. cup of coffee per day if that's your thing


Your First OB Appointments

  1. First, you need to FIND an obstetrician or midwife in your area
  2. Find out where you need to deliver if your insurance caps you to a certain hospital
  3. Ask your OB about their birthing style- will they support your wishes?
  4. Ask about your first ultrasound and any other important tests you may need during the first trimester

Possible tests may include (2):

First Trimester Screen: ultrasound evaluation and maternal blood test

  • What it looks for: increased fluid, abnormal levels of PAPP-A or hCG
  • Detects: Risk of fetus developing Down Syndrome Trisomy-21, Trisomy-18, other chromosomal abnormalities, and certain cardiac disorders
  • Does not detect: neural tube defects

This test's results may warrant additional testing.






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